Immune System Boosters

After taking a year off, the flu is apparently coming back this year so time to boost your immune system!

Moderate Exercise
The last thing you probably feel like doing is going for a run when it’s cold and wet. Even getting to a gym is a chore. So, change it up a bit. If you’re not used to exercise, take it slowly. In fact, why not give yourself a challenge. Start whenever it suits you. Maybe when the clocks go back and days are shorter?

Try a few youtube videos that suit your age and health status. Choose one that works for you – i.e. it challenges you but following the exercise doesn’t send you to your bed for the rest of the day! Even if you ‘used to’ do sport or exercise, take it gently at first.

A walk in the fresh air is always a good start if you haven’t been doing any form of exercise recently. Fresh air is a helpful immune system booster.

Keep Hydrated

It’s usually easier to down a pint of water in the summer months than in the winter. I guess we feel the need for warm drinks on a cold winters day.

Try to avoid drinking endless cups of tea and coffee – even if it’s decaf – and go for the occasional lemon water or simply plain boiled (and cooled) warm water.

Place a slice of lemon in a cup and pour on boiling water. Add a sliver of ginger for an extra boost. Leave to steep for a few minutes and enjoy. Experiment with herbal teas or use edible herbs you have in the garden like lemon balm or thyme for example.

Manage Stress
We all know by now that stress really isn’t good for you. A small amount of stress works but us humans have a brain that doesn’t always help us. That darn brain keeps you thinking about the stressful situation until you decide enough is enough – but the moment of realization can sometimes take years.

Simply saying ‘Let it Go’ really doesn’t cut it although I find the quote ‘This too shall pass’ can be very helpful.

Treat yourself to some relaxing techniques; yoga, meditation, a bubble bath, whatever suits you but allow yourself a time of reflection on your levels of stress at least once every day – then do something to reduce it. It may be that balancing stones on top of each other may be relaxing for you or maybe knitting? Needlecrafts are creative and can be practical and very relaxing.

Get Enough Sleep
There are plenty of theories about sleep and how much you should or shouldn’t get. Personally, I believe it’s down to the individual to decide what works for them. We often have busy lifestyles that can affect our sleep patterns.

If you’ve been on the beach all day or out in the garden, the fresh air could easily send you to sleep faster and for a longer time. It really depends on the individual and their lifestyle.

Check in with yourself. If you’re feeling tired or groggy, consider how much sleep you got last night, log it (use your journal if that’s your thing) – and adjust your lifestyle to set a better sleep pattern. It could be that you just need to adjust your caffeine intake or late night cookie consumption … hmm guilty.

Watch the Diet.

Although the health authorities and governments have been pushing a vax, they have also been seriously lacking in helping their citizens boost their immune systems, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rebel and have a go at this ourselves!

There are plenty of foods that will help keep your immue system on top form. Although just looking at pictures won’t cut it. You WILL need to eat the stuff 🙂

Some of the best and well-known foods that could be included in your diet are:


But, do a little research and find the best foods for you. Let’s defy the powers that be and stay healthy this winter with a few natural immune system boosters.

Good Health and Happiness

Linda x

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