Positive Vibes

Don’t let the world grind you down. When negative energy invades your headspace, make a conscious effort towards a positive feeling.

Yes, easier said than done, but try bringing to mind a positive quote or heart-warming story that will give your positive energy levels a boost. This energy will glow through your skin and put a sparkle in your eye.

One of my favourite go-to’s is “This too shall pass”

There are a number of different processes to jumpstart positive energies – most of which revolve around gratitude and appreciation. If you’ve been following any of the self-development teachings over the past decade, you’ve probably heard gratitude and appreciation stressed over and over again. Perhaps to the point where it doesn’t really mean anything anymore.

However, gratitude is a powerful energy, can be used in any moment of any day or night and it doesn’t cost a thing! These five ideas from ‘Natural Beauty’ will help you power up your positive energy. Choose one or more that resonate with you at the moment.

  1. Create a Gratitude Journal where you write down any number of things you are grateful for at this moment. It could be the view from your window or even the fact that you haven’t broken a nail all week!
  2. Affirmations with feeling. Don’t simply recite an affirmation, do it with feeling. If affirming your body is healthy, really feel the health within you.
  3. Visuals have a great part in today’s world. And a personalized vision board will encourage and delight you evry time you look at it. Feel the visions as if they had already happened. Yep, that mercedes is mine!
  4. Books you love can change your mood within minutes. Read what suits you at the moment. It may be learning about the sub terrainean world of trees or a heart-warming novel.
  5. Videos are all around us from instagram reels to old comedy shows. Give yourself a fifteen minute break and watch something that makes you feel good – laughing babies come to mind!

These positive vibe ideas, in full, are included in the very first chapter of ‘Natural Beauty’. The book is a must-have for anyone trying to live a more natural lifestyle. See below.

For the beautiful you!

Linda x

Natural Beauty

Reveal your Inner Glow, Naturally

Learn to love yourself with positive energy, diet, exercise and more – all while having fun! The ten tips, fully explained, in Natural Beauty will reveal your inner glow and outward beauty without a trip to the cosmetic counter. Images and fun quotes included 🙂

The natural world provides enough natural cures and cosmetics to fill an encyclopedia… and to bring out your inner beauty.

Give the beauty counter a wide berth and go for the natural look. These top ten tips will bring your inner glow to the surface and you’ll positively shimmer with natural beauty.

Ten chapters with ideas and options to love your inner and outer self and to build confidence and strength for your mind, body and spirit.


Chapter One: Positive Energy
Chapter Two: Fruit and Veg
Chapter Three: Have Fun
Chapter Four: Time and Space
Chapter Five: Exercise
Chapter Six: Vigilance
Chapter Seven: Inspiration
Chapter Eight: Good Vibes
Chapter Nine: Learning
Chapter Ten: Love Yourself

Choose from your favourite online book store

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