Time Out Tasks

I think I must have inner leanings towards being a taskmaster. Why? I don’t know, but I do know I’ve been giving myself some huge tasks lately…

Aside from unpicking a hand-knitted blanket – it was far too heavy! – and crocheting two new ones, I’ve decided to do a complete update of my blogposts. There are nearly 300 of them dating back to 2017 and I estimate the job will take about 3 months.

But I’ve found over the past couple of weeks, the task itself is so satisfying that I might take it up full-time!

Sorting through old photos, re-shuffling bookshelves, unpicking blankets or updating blogposts are more beneficial to our well-being than we think.

Taking time out to tackle a task that’s been swirling around in your subconscious for ages or worst still keeps getting put on your to-do list day after day, is both refreshing and relaxing.

What have you been putting off?

We usually put things off for a few different reasons

  • lack of time – questionable but we’ll go with it
  • lack of money – hm, tricky one
  • lack of physical ability – maybe some muscle needed?
  • lack of motivation – there’s always something else to be prioritized

Lack of Time
We-e-e-ll, we all say ‘I haven’t got time’ now and again, but has it just become a habitual response to something we don’t particularly want to do right this red-hot minute? Possibly. Although we can’t press the replay button on time, we can juggle it a bit. Stop for a moment and consider how much time you spend on

  • social media scrolling
  • playing games on your phone
  • watching tv – the father of all time-wasters

Not saying these activities should be scrapped, but when you truthfully add up the hours every day spent watching crap tv or beating yourself up cos you don’t look like every other supermodel on Instagram, it could surprise you and those hours could perhaps be spent tackling a task or even getting creative.

Lack of Money
Yes, a tricky one. If you really want to re-decorate and haven’t the money to buy the paint, it can be frustrating. But there are maybe a few things you could do in preparation..

  • decide on your colour scheme or theme for the space you want to re-vamp
  • Watch out for giveaways on local Facebook free pages – you never know what your neighbour may be throwing out.
  • Clean the space you want to decorate – you won’t want to be painting over dust or dirt after all

When you start preparing for your task ahead, whether it’s painting a room or even replacing a dodgy device, you send out vibes to the Universe. Too woowoo? Well, have you ever wanted a particular brand of car then you end up seeing them everywhere? You become more aware when you’ve already started on a project and you may be able to pick a bargain perhaps.

Lack of Physical Ability
Apart from your own regime of health care, it’s probably not possible to run a marathon if you have arthritic knees. But then who am I to say?! Personally, I get frustrated when I can’t shift furniture around like I used to but, you know, there’s no shame in asking for help. I’m learning!

  • ask an able-bodied friend or family member to give you a hand, or more than one if the task is a biggy
  • check local service providers if you have the funds available. Always check references before letting a stranger in your home though.

Or alternatively, leave it as it is but pretty it up a bit! After seeing the incredible gadget sculpture at the Eden project in Cornwall, I think anything could be made into art! Not that I want a 3m high statue of old washing machines in my garden, but inspiring nonetheless. (I think it’s moved to another location now)

Lack of Motivation
With all the chaos going on in the world at large, it’s not surprising that many of us just think “what’s the bloody point?” But underlying there has to be a reason why. Perhaps you

  • simply want your environment to be healthier/cleaner/prettier
  • would like to monetise your blog posts – random but I’m working on it!
  • want to leave your affairs in order at all times – nice idea

There really does have to be a reason why, otherwise putting the same task on your to-do list every day isn’t going to get it done and will probably impede your progress in other areas. Nothing like a feeling of failure to shut off motivation and confidence.

So, find the reason why, sort out the means and take time out to get on with it. You’ll feel soooo much better for it!

To your well-being and happiness,

Linda x

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