Knitting Seasonal Dolls

Recently, I collected all the Ekokid patterns published so far, edited like crazy and came up with a fabulous new book!

With 10 patterns usually sold at £2 each, the book seemed far too expensive at £20 so I half-priced it at a tenner, but even that sounds far too much for a digital copy so halved it again!

Now you can get all 10 patterns in one download for a fiver 🙂 Cool huh?!

But more to the point, it’s just in time to get knitting for ANY season. Create a whole collection of dolls and their wardrobes for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and partying! They’re quick to knit and once you get going with the patterns, you’re likely to come up with some new ideas for fabulous clothes to keep your teenage dolls happy and played with!

You’ll only need one pair of knitting needles for the whole book and some yarn of course. Here’s a list of the bits and pieces I use when knitting small items like dolls or toys:
I pair of 4mm needles (U.S size: 6 and old UK size: 8)
A darning needle, or similar, for sewing pieces together
A pair of scissors
Paper and pen/pencil

Good to have:
*Large headed pins. These are useful for marking features and pinning pieces together before sewing.
*tape measure – for measuring yarn to verify you have enough, especially if you are using very small oddments.

Materials you’ll need for the basic doll:

25g. (about 60 metres) of flesh colour yarn
8m of ‘boot’ colour or 4m of ‘shoe’ colour
15g. (about 35m) of ‘hair’ colour
Washable toy filling – non-allergenic toy filling is available from most craft outlets and needlecraft shops.
Embroidery cotton for features

Give them a go. These dolls are such fun to make and can be custom made for each child. And they are easy to dress and undress – no stiff plastic legs and arms to manoevre – so little hands can join in the fun too 🙂

All the individual Ekokid pattern books are listed here Ekokids

Happy Knitting!
Linda x

P.S. Grab your pattern download now and get knitting!


Tools & Materials
Basic Doll Pattern

Easter Outfit – dress, basket of eggs and bonnet with flowers
Halloween Witch – dress, spidery cloak and pointy hat
Christmas Time – cloak, tunic, knickerbockers and bobble hat
Girl about Town – hat and coat, ball gown, hoody and cut-offs
Party Pack – skirt, flares, dress, tops, bag and headbands
Back to School – skirt, waistcoat, beret, t-shirt and school bag
Gardening Gear – overalls, hat, roll-neck, trug and vegetables
Mermaid Costume – fishtail skirt, cape, crown and fishes
Bedtime – Blanket, pillow, nightie, pyjamas, slippers & more
Bits ‘n’ Bobs – Hats, bags, belts, boots and shades
End Note

Happy Knitting!

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