Lots of Lettuce

I decided to grow lots of lettuce this year.

This tray of lettuce is a mixed Italian Bowl variety and it seems the more I cut it, the more it grows!

It’s supposed to cope with four cuttings but I’m sure we’ve eaten more than that so far.

There are some really good reasons to grow lettuce like this:

  1. They grow in a shallow tray – less soil/compost needed
  2. They’re easy to maintain – just water regularly
  3. They are organic and delicious
  4. The initial cost of seeds and a little soil is minimal compared to how much organic ‘super fresh’ lettuce you can buy in a shop, even if you COULD buy organic ‘super-fresh’ lettuce.

I tried this method last year but the plants got too much sun and bolted – ran to seed – very quickly. Shading them a little from the hottest parts of the day is the best way to go, and make sure the soil doesn’t dry out.

Growing in (well-drained) pots and trays is practical, especially in a smaller garden. But pots can dry out quickly so keep an eye on them.

The same goes for tomato plants. If they get sporadic watering rather than a regular drink, the fruits can be affected.

Although we have lots of rain in Cornwall, on hot days, everything can dry out very quickly. One thing we invested in last year was a rain barrel – in fact we have acquired two now 🙂 – and I only water the plants in the garden and greenhouse with rain water. I don’t know if that makes a huge difference but, as I filter the tap water to drink myself, I figured the plants may not like all the added stuff we get in the water supply either.

The lettuces seem to be thriving anyway!

Sow some seeds now and in a few short weeks, you could be picking your own organic lettuce.

The seeds I bought cost £2.49 from Ebay – Italian Salad Bowl, Cut and Come Again.

Happy Salad Days!

Linda x

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