okay, I know that most author pages and bios are ‘supposed’ to be fairly formal and written in the third person. But whenever I try to do that, I always come across as being stuffy and pompous.. so this is me…(at a halloween party)



I published my first print book back in 2007 after I came back to the UK from a decade of living on the land in France. The inspiration for Grow Your own Pharmacy came from the whole family having had no antibiotics in all that time.


After that I got the writing bug. It had stirred in me during childhood, but didn’t really explode until much later. And I have to admit to being reluctant to call myself an author; I feel that I’m simply sharing my own experiences and learning curves with as many people as possible to help them live a happier healthier lifestyle.

And that is so much fun!

Being of the human species, I get locked into projects and behave in a very unhealthy way sometimes… often drinking tea to keep me awake when its already 3am – because I just have to finish what I’m doing. Perhaps that makes me a bit of a control freak who loses the plot from time to time? Who knows…. and really, does anyone care 🙂

I love to share the good things in life and I hope you have a wonderful time browsing the healthy living books and my random blog posts.

Here’s to your good health!

P.s. On a purely personal note, I’m a mother of four grown ups and granny to five grandchildren. My oldest grandson has just been accepted into the Uni of his choice. First one in the family to do the University thing. How wonderful!