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Some handy downloads to enjoy. And if you’re thinking about branching out on a self-employed journey, scroll down for a book that will help you create a great promotional tool… (The Small Biz Book)

A Month of Chocolate Recipes

31 recipes, old fashioned chocolate recipes, modern recipes and family treats. Try your hand and taste-buds with:

Baked Chocolate Custard, Brownies, Cherry & Chocolate Nut Slices, Chocolate ice cream, Florentines, Orange Pain au Chocolat and even Jaffa Cakes. There are lots more delicious chocolate recipes and even a few chocolate facts. A chocolate lover’s paradise!

A Month of Chocolate Recipes

Organic Garden Party Planner

This handy planner will help you get the best from your organic garden party.

How to prepare foods in advance
How to make a fire and cook on it
How to round off your evening. And, how to plan it all so you get to enjoy it as much as your guests.

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Natural Beauty

“Reveal your Inner Glow, Naturally”

Learn to love yourself with positive energy, diet, exercise and more – all while having fun! Ten chapters with ideas and options to love your inner and outer self and to build confidence and strength for your mind, body and spirit.. Images and fun quotes included 🙂

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Healthy Body Hacks *Updated July 2021*

Healthy Body Hacks is packed with ten minute good ideas! From growing a pot of herbs to choosing your perfect meditation practice, this handy digital edition finds solutions that save you time and money and lead you towards the natural healthy body you deserve.

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Family Games

Indoor Family Games to play at home or away, and mostly for FREE!

This is the fun stuff that children got up to before the days of computers. Bring the whole family together with a fun idea and the little darlings may even switch off the computer game voluntarily!

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The Small Biz Book

The Small Biz Book takes you step by step through creating your very own Book of Your Business.

If you have a small business, are a solopreneur or thinking about becoming self-employed, marketing and promotion costs can be high and a little hit and miss sometimes, especially if your chosen social media platform changes its algorithms overnight.

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It has been shown that a tidy environment can help you focus, apply yourself to otherwise seemingly impossible tasks, and generally enjoy your space and feel good! Don’t let the clutter overwhelm you. This step-by-step guide to de-cluttering your home is simple to follow and will help you create the home you know you deserve.

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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Make your afternoon tea party a royal occasion:
*How to make a perfect cup of tea.
*a traditional Victoria sponge cake recipe
*everyday scones with an ‘afternoon tea’ makeover.
*sandwiches to savour.
*fruit teas and herb teas that change the tone from time to time.

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Vintage Salad Recipes

Vintage Salad Recipes

This recipe book is an interesting view of how our predecessors did things in the kitchen!

Recipes from a cookery book published in 1885. The original book has 50 recipes. I left out the rather random and sometimes very expensive salads – such as lobster.
30 salad recipes including fruits, veggies, meat and fish.

Available at Etsy

Meaningful Quotes

Meaningful Quotes

Over 500 awesome speaks Meaningful Quotes from the famous and not so famous. There are witty quotes to make you smile, wise quotes – including a few from Albert Einstein 🙂 – positive and inspiring quotes, phrases and sayings that will bring a truly meaningful experience to your world.

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