Growing Apples & Pears


I’ve been having a bit of a tec-detox recently but now it’s that time again – Spring just around the corner bringing with it some blue skies and sunshine we hope. Many plants are getting ready for their growing season so, depending on your regional climate, some trees and shrubs can be planted now – in milder climates you could even be planting out your garlic cloves or onion sets around.

If you have a little backyard space, start your own organic fruit crops this year. How about apples and pears? There are many different varieties available. Do a little research in your area and see which types local growers are having success with – or ask at your local garden centre.


If you are in the UK and prefer to buy online, Thompson & Morgan has this wonderful collection of fruit trees on special offer at the moment saving nearly £20.

Fruit Tree Collection


Here’s an extract from one of my growing guides – Apples and Pears – I’ll P.S. the details

Choosing your plants

From sweet soft varieties through to large hard cooking apples, the choice is huge. Choose a variety you like to eat! Many hybrid varieties are designed to be trained on a fence or similar structure.
Always check on pollination requirements as you may need to buy more than one tree. Often apple trees are sold as one or two year old plants. Apples will produce fruit from its third year of growth and in the right conditions will produce fruit for decades.

Varieties of pears sold in supermarkets are usually limited to one or two but there are many varieties you could grow at home.
Conference pears are self-pollinating but will produce more fruit if pollinated by another variety. Check on pollination requirements before buying.
Pear trees are usually sold as two or three year old plants. They don’t produce fruit until their fifth year of growth but can go on to produce fruit for sixty years!

Checklist for both apple and pear tree buying:
-Check pollination requirements
-Look at planting and pruning instructions
-Make sure the bark and roots are healthy and undamaged before buying
-Consider the potential size of your tree.

Apples and pears can be bought as ‘cordons’ that stay small but crop well. They are ideal for a small space and can be grown successfully against a south facing wall or fence.
Small bush varieties are suitable for a slightly larger garden and if you have an acre or two, you could always go for the full-sized versions!

Happy Gardening!
Linda x

P.S. This growing guide will help you get the most from your apple and pear trees.



‘How to Grow Apples & Pears’

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Happy Days


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about finding your passion and I’ve had some more thoughts about this. In the entrepreneur and business world we often hear that you should do what you love and while I’ve always gone along with that idea, something came up recently that kind of shifted my thinking.
I watched the incredible Seth Godin interviewed by the equally incredible Marie Forleo and Seth said something that turned my mind upside down!

He said that instead of doing the work you love, you should love the work you do.

I mean, how many of us really get to do the work we love? But if you turn that on its head and choose to love the work you do, it puts a whole new spin on enjoying life.

So how can we love a job that bores us or offers no chance of promotion or significant wage increase?

It has to start in the mind. Our beautiful, complex and sometimes self-sabotaging minds. Our minds want to keep us safe and will repeat familiar thoughts over and over because change triggers unsafe thoughts. Positive thinking is a classic response but telling yourself to have positive thoughts when you’re feeling stressed, worried or fearful is just too far away from the present reality.

There are so many wonderful teachings that can help us through those moments of stress. Energy healing, hypnotherapy and meditation techniques can all help us be more present, and when you feel present in this moment, scary thoughts or frustrations tend to melt away.

One of the best books ever written, in my humble opinion, is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I’ll put a link below, if you haven’t yet read it, I would recommend it as a book that could honestly change your life.

We only have this present moment. The next moment is also the present moment, so when we think thoughts like ‘I’ll be happy when ……(fill in the blank)’ we are confirming that our present moment is unhappy. And we can all probably relate to the fact that it’s the journey that counts, not the result or end goal, because when we get to that end goal, we will always want more. That’s the nature of the beast called ‘human being’. We have to grow and evolve.

So, getting back to loving the work you do, bring yourself back to the present moment whenever you can and give it your best shot. Doing the best you can in any moment makes you feel so much better and ready for the next moment.

If you are doing a boring job or task, give it your best and if you don’t even have to think about the actual task in hand, enjoy the environment. Cleaning the house can give you an incredible sense of achievement, which encourages the mind to find other things to feel good about.

And if the job you are doing requires a lot of focus and concentration, give yourself to the task and create the best possible outcome – not to impress anyone else (although the best work will no doubt get the attention of the boss) but to make yourself feel good.

Even if you are doing a job you love or building your dream business, there are always going to be tasks that aren’t particularly enjoyable. Personally I always put off doing my tax return but when I’ve done it, I feel great! So thank you Seth Godin, the wisdom in those words ‘love the work you do’ will resonate with me and I hope they will help you make a difference to your daily tasks and enjoy as many moments as you can. After all, life isn’t a dress rehearsal and we are supposed to be enjoying it 🙂

Have a great day!
Linda x


The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

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Find Your Passion


What’s Your Passion?
Did you ever wonder how some people manage to find time for ‘hobbies’ and ‘pastimes’ when you are only just fitting in everything you HAVE to do in the space of each 24 hours? The answer is passion.

It’s been said many times before, but the phrase ‘ if you want something badly enough you’ll get it’ is 110% relevant to our everyday lives.

Are you passionately committed to keeping a clean and tidy house? Then I would hazard a guess that your house is clean and tidy most of the time.

Are you passionately committed to your job and promotion prospects? The chances are you are on your way up that ladder right now.

However, the majority of us live our lives according to the passions and sometimes the whims of everyone around us. Why? Because we never stop to think what we actually WANT, what we actually LOVE or what we are passionate about.

Do you really, deep down in your soul, believe that the world will fall apart and no-one will like you if you don’t keep your house clean? If so, then take a few tiny baby steps out of that box and remember the dust will be there tomorrow… your friends or your dreams may not. Phew.. Now there’s a kick in the teeth.

I often imagine I would like a clean and tidy house fit for a royal visit. But I’m never able to commit myself to the time and energy it requires – Why? Because I’m NOT passionate about housework. Never have been, never will be. I would rather spend time with my family and friends, chatting on the phone, going for long walks or dancing the night away. And guess what – a member of the royal household has yet to turn up on my doorstep un-announced!

Do you really want a clean and tidy house for YOU or is it just so the neighbours won’t say bad things about you when they drop in for coffee? If you are using your precious time to keep on the ‘good’ side of other people, pause for a moment and remember that those other people are definitely NOT perfect. There will be areas of their lives you will not resonate with – guaranteed!

Most of us are committed to spending a certain number of hours every day working, often for someone else, just to earn enough money to get through to the next paycheck. Does this sound like you?

At the end of the working day, we need to find something to make us feel good, to enable us to endure the next day’s hard graft. Governments are wise to this formula and have enabled the average working man/woman to be able to afford entertainment in their homes.

Television helps us wind down – or does it?

I don’t watch television. I’ve always felt, although there are some great programmes and lots of learning to be gained, the television companies are determining WHAT we watch and WHEN we watch it. I want to decide those things for myself.

I had a cold sales call one evening. While trying to sell me a phone package deal, the sales person referred to a TV advert. I told her I was unaware of this advert because I don’t watch TV. She kept me talking for 10 minutes during which time she referred to this particular TV advert a further 4 times, and each time I assured her I had not seen it because I don’t watch television. She didn’t believe me at all.

So everyone in our region watches the same adverts, the same programmes, the same news stories every single day or night? Yep, I guess that’s what’s happening. We are all thinking the same thoughts. Our brainwaves are tuned to the exact same brand of fish fingers being the best thing for our kids since sliced bread – a highly debatable point! And we have no time left for ourselves.

So coming back to passion…

Find your passions in life. Make a list and seriously consider each thing you write down. Is it what you want or is it what you think other people want from you. Remember your life is yours alone.

You may be responsible for the care of others, children, parents, the sick or needy. But ultimately this is YOUR life. You only get one shot at it.

Don’t waste another minute watching those adverts – you can watch the exact same ones tomorrow if you so wish. Believe me they won’t go away! Television is one of the biggest time-consumers. And every moment you are watching, could be spent enjoying one of the passions in your life.

Try this experiment to find time for YOU in your life…

1. Make a list of your passions – remember they must be YOUR passions, no-one else’s

2. Pick one and find time for it.

That’s it!

Many years ago I learned to knit. Knitting has often had a fairly dull press.

-Knitting’s for grannies
-Knitting is boring and time consuming.

But I enjoy the challenge. New yarns and stylish pattern designs make knitting fun and fast, and I can knit even if I am watching a film. Knitting can be picked up during the adverts and worked at for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. The equipment takes up very little space. It’s cheap – often costing nothing – to set up.

Knitting is one of my passions, and over the years I have learned to design my own clothes, toys and many practical household items. And, although at moments in my life I have had to live within an incredibly tight budget, I have always found the materials needed to be able to continue with my hobby.

Knitting is MY passion….what’s yours?

Reading? Writing Poetry? Stamp collecting? Scrapbooking? or maybe your passions lie outside your four walls – Gardening? Tennis? Gym Club?

Find your passion and you WILL find the time AND the resources to carry it through. You may even turn your hobby into a thriving business. Many books have been written on the subject. I am on my way to creating a knitting empire at the moment…. The Ekokids are teenage dolls who were created during a low budget moment and are now gaining a global audience! (Pop over to this page to see the patterns I’m developing Knits-U-Love)

Find time for your passion today – you deserve it!

Linda x

Meditation Made Easy


I just realized I’ve written tons of posts relating to healthy living such as growing fruit and veg, healthy foods and recipes and even getting off the grid from time to time. But one thing that I’ve never really touched upon, which is one of the most important things we can do to live a healthy lifestyle, is meditation.

Meditation has been around since the beginning of humankind in one form or another although us western world folk tend to conjure up images of monks sitting cross legged on beautiful mountains for hours on end. And of course that is a reality, but for us to benefit from this amazing practice we do not have to sit for hours on a mountain top, although that kinda sounds appealing sometimes!

In recent years scientists, doctors, philosophers and self development teachers have all begun to share the benefits of ‘quieting your mind’. However, most of us live busy lives and tend to come up with a couple of excuses not to incorporate meditation in our lives.

The first excuse is that we don’t have time to sit and meditate – this I’m afraid to say, is a cop-out excuse. We can ALL find ten or fifteen minutes a day – it’s just a matter of prioritizing.

And the second excuse is, and this one has relevance, that we can’t STOP thinking.

We have thousands upon thousands of thoughts every day and to expect ourselves to be able to magically turn off this powerful stream of thought instantly is frankly absurd. But there are many ways to meditate and it’s also a ‘practice’, so that means if you do it consistently you will get better at it.

So I’m just as guilty as everyone else of making these excuses, especially the second one but having spent the last decade or more studying self development and self help teachings, strategies and philosophies, I’ve come up with a system that works for me and I’d like to share these ideas with you here and now…..


1. Allocate a time for yourself every day – yep, every day. It honestly doesn’t have to be longer than 15 or 20 minutes. First thing in the morning is perfect but whenever it suits you is important.

2. Decide on a comfortable space to meditate. If your household is forever busy, choose a room and tell the family to NOT disturb you. Don’t just rely on closing the door. We all know that the most reliable way to draw your children to you is to not be paying attention to them. (on the phone, taking a bath ring a bell?!) You may have to rope in the help of your partner or eldest child to help make this happen.

3. Eliminate other distractions. Turn your phone off, or if that’s too painful, leave it in another room where you won’t hear it. Don’t have your laptop with you either, unless you are choosing a guided meditation…

4. A guided meditation may be just what you need to encourage a moment of relaxation. There are literally hundreds of guided meditations online, youtube in particular. Do a little research beforehand and decide on a video that resonates with you. I recently found a very simple guided meditation by Marie Forleo (here) which is less than 15 minutes but really hits the spot – for me anyway. Choose something that suits you. Don’t attempt the hour long videos at first – work up to that if you want to, but honestly 15 minutes once or twice a day is really all you need to get into this.

5. Alternatively you may prefer simply to sit quietly in a quiet room. But if you have trouble with those pesky thoughts, try a simple mantra such as ‘So Hum’ Repeat silently to yourself – ‘So’ on the in breath and ‘hum’ on the exhale

6. Now you’re set up with a space, time and guided meditation if you’re using one, sit in a comfortable position with a straight back. Place your hands in your lap, and if it’s comfortable for you, have your palms facing slightly upwards and touch the tips of your thumbs and index fingers together.

7. Take a deep breath in, feeling the breath go right down to your belly and straighten your spine, then breathe out slowly relaxing your shoulders. Take a few long slow breaths and basically then you’re on your way…

You could focus on relaxing all parts of your body. But if you can just relax your forehead, eyes, jaw and shoulders, you’re probably much more relaxed than you usually are.

And when those thoughts and images drift into your mind, and they will, just be aware of them and gently bring your attention back to your breath or your mantra.

The most important thing here is to NOT beat yourself up about not getting it ‘right’. Sitting quietly is a great start and even if you can find just a few seconds of no-thought, you WILL benefit. Then do it every day. After a week or two you may find a minute or two of ‘no thought’ – the key here is consistency. Make it a daily practice for you.

Meditation is something that costs no money and little time and your resulting good feelings will ripple out to your family, friends and all beings right round the world.

This zen quote says it all really!
“Meditate for 20 minutes a day. If you don’t have time, then you need to meditate for an hour”

I’d love to know how you get on. Share your thoughts on my Facebook page. Otherwise, just share with friends and family who you know will benefit from a daily 15 minutes of ‘me’ time 🙂

Happy Meditating!

Linda x

Screen Off Fun

Screen Off Fun!

Now the children are back at school and in some parts of the world we are feeling touches of Autumn creeping towards winter, it’s not always possible to play outside and all too easy to rely on screen entertainment. That may be TV, Netflix or social media channels and while there are certain benefits to be discovered in those virtual places, it can become addictive and unfortunately can be very unsociable.

When you walk into your sitting room is everyone glued to their phones or slumped in front of the TV?

And when you ask a question do you get any coherent answers? If you do, you’re on a roll because all too often this doesn’t happen when the whole family is locked into their own virtual world.

And trying to make rules about screen time or banning phones between 6 and 7 o’clock can cause resentment, arguments and moody kids… oh dear.

So, is there a way out of the pattern? Yes, there’s always a way but it will need a little encouragement and perhaps some crazy parental behaviour, but then again we are all a little crazy and kids deserve to enjoy their craziness as well.

The secret is play!

Yep, simple ay? and if you think you’re too old, consider this wonderful quote – one of my personal favourites – from George Bernard Shaw.

“You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing”

Right or right?!

So get in the play zone and make up some silly games to play with your kids. A few tips though:

1. Don’t ask, show them. For example put a waste paper bin in the middle of the room then throw a soft ball or a screwed up piece of paper from somewhere in the room, even it’s from your armchair. Get up, retrieve the ball, then move to somewhere else in the room. The fact that you are behaving out of sync will invariably get noticed and probably one of the little darlings will want to do a better job of getting that ball in the ‘basket’. Before you know it, you have a full on game going on.

2. Whisper something exciting or fun to one of them and tell them to pass it on very quietly. It could be about an upcoming family party or holiday or something silly like “I’ve just written to Santa Claus”

3. Invest in a few very inexpensive props like a pack of ‘Beat your neighbour’ playing cards, a set of ‘jacks’ or some yahtzee dice. Leave them in an obvious place in the room. When one of the family ask about them say “I thought I’d buy myself some toys” and take it from there. If no-one notices (aaargh!) then simply start playing. If you have a partner willing to join in your quest, start playing together and make a show of how much fun you’re having.

The benefits of a few minutes of getting the message out there will be huge.

– Quality fun family time – loving and being with each other in the real world
– Conversation – finding out what each other feels and thinks about
– Laughter – always a good thing

And the extra bonus is that those screens may be voluntarily turned off for a while! When my children were young, we traveled and then lived off the land for many years with very little money, and it was before the age of everyone having mobile phones – So we made our own entertainment and encouraged each other to be creative and enjoyed our time together.

Give it a try. You really really really won’t regret it 🙂

Have Fun!

Linda x

P.S. If you want a few ideas, I’ve put together a fun ebook you can download right now and get started tonight. There are 30 indoor family game ideas – that you could still play outside, weather permitting…. Choose from your favourite supplier..


Indoor Family Games

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How Can I Lose Weight?

Losing Weight

‘How Can I Lose Weight’ is Googled around 9 million times a month… phew!

Have you ever wondered why some folk never put on weight and others spend their whole life trying to lose it? There are a few mythical answers to this very popular question:

– willpower
– metabolism
– glands
– various other medical conditions
– time
– money
– lifestyle ….. ah, now this one may not be so mythical!

In fact, how we live our lives in general has a lot to do with how our bodies respond. This wonderful biological miracle we live in responds directly to how we treat it.

“But I eat salad every day and count calories almost religiously and still can’t shift the weight”

Is this you? Counting calories, panicking if you go over your daily quota and generally allowing your ‘diet’ to run your life?


This isn’t working is it? You’re still not happy with your weight and general health. I was going to mention fitness but that conjures up unpleasant images of push ups and bossy personal trainers.. so we won’t go there – not just yet anyway 🙂

One of the biggest issues most of us have is instant gratification. We live in an instant world. From instant coffee to instant world access through the internet.

How many of us grumble when the connection is a bit slow? A few short years ago it may have taken hours to get through to someone on the other side of the world by phone. Nowadays we complain if we have to wait 10 seconds. Internet marketing experts will tell you if you haven’t grabbed your audience’s attention within about 5 seconds, they’re gone!

But I digress, losing excess weight should not be treated as an internet download. It took a while to install those pounds… it will take a while to uninstall them.

“But what about all those ‘Lose 10lbs in 10 days’ diets?”

Great in theory, but what usually happens is that even if you do lose 10lbs in 10 days, 20 days later you will have 11 or 12lbs to lose. Fast weight loss is not effective because your body doesn’t have time to address the underlying issues about why you were carrying the extra weight in the first place.

Our survival instincts are often to blame. Instinctive behaviour is deeply rooted in our subconscious from days when we lived in caves and fat was essential for survival. Unfortunately our instincts haven’t yet updated to blend with 21st century living.


Stop beating yourself up about it and take positive action that suits your lifestyle and results in the healthy body you deserve.

Don’t listen to the excuses. None of them are real. One underlying issue is responsible for all our excuses.

Lack of self-love.

Even if you think you’re pretty stable, respect and love yourself and everyone else loves you too; if you’re reading this you probably have a body issue going on.

If you aren’t in shape, something somewhere flipped you into survival mode and left you there. You don’t have to book into therapy to find out what it was, just accept that something occurred and now you’re gonna deal with it!

So the plan is to create;

—a comfort zone that bubbles over with confidence,

—and the healthy gorgeous body you always dreamed of.

Once that’s taken care of, everything else falls neatly into place…

So here’s the challenge:

Decide how many pounds you want to lose and stick to the plan for the same amount of weeks – don’t try to cut corners by trying to lose more than 1lb a week. 1lb may not sound much but go and pick up something that weighs 1lb (500g) and then relate the weight to actually losing it from your body.

Whether you think this is impressive or not, go with it.

Allow 1lb a week weight loss only. It’s tempting to get rid of the first few pounds quickly and this often naturally happens in a diet plan, but it doesn’t really help because we allow thoughts like ‘I lost 3lbs last week so I can eat cake today and tomorrow.’ to take hold.

A dangerous strategy – the point of healthy diets is that you gain a healthy attitude to food and re-educate that survival software.

The best way to see the bigger picture is to know that you won’t be ‘suffering’ on a ‘diet’ for ever more. But will enjoy and feel at ease with your new way of seeing yourself and the world around you.
Processed food does NOT nourish living bodies.

If you look at the number of posh vets and animal surgeries our society supports, it seems clear that by feeding our animals on processed foods they are suffering from the same adverse medical conditions as humans.

Before you start your healthy diet plan, give yourself a little time to think about real food as well as a gentle physical pursuit.

Treat yourself to a walk in the woods and a super healthy meal

Perhaps consider a few of the reasons why you haven’t sorted this out yet – don’t stress though. Remember we all have self-limiting beliefs, and blasts from the past that keep us locked in a revolving door.

And the most important point I’d really like to stress is ‘Take it slowly’ – Any pressure will keep that survival mode firmly switched on. Rushing isn’t a good thing – you miss the details, you sometimes fall over, and most of all you don’t particularly enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the journey – it’s a challenge yes but, as neuro-science proves, if you accept the challenge you’ll release tons of feel-good hormones.

You may also be nervous. One of the biggest obstacles in human society is FEAR. When we decide to do something, we get excited and positive about our upcoming results. Then the fear kicks in…. again our survival instincts … and puts doubts in the way.

Ride those fears because they’re not real – don’t ignore them. Acknowledge, accept, then move on…

Takeaway Checklist:

– Be realistic in your weight-loss plan
– Don’t allow your thoughts to push you into ‘instant gratification’ or get-thin-quick schemes 🙂
– Start enjoying ‘real’ food more than ‘processed’ non-foods
– Decide what you like to do that involves moving around –

if you are physically challenged, there are chair workouts and other pursuits that you can enjoy that will help you get rid of excess pounds. Even knitting burns up a fair few calories an hour.

But most of all … “Love Yourself”

To your good health!

Linda x

Fun Family Games


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw

Before the days of computers and gaming stations, children were obliged to make their own entertainment. This wasn’t a hardship as we didn’t know any different.

Many of us spent our childhoods outside (even when it was raining); riding bikes, climbing trees and generally having fun while working up an appetite for dinner…

However, during longer winter evenings, without a TV or the internet, we found other sources of amusement. These came with very simple materials and often very simple rules.
Finding the fun in everything you do is probably the first rule of thumb. (Getting a Mary Poppins flashback here) A sulky child who won’t play needs another approach maybe, but when they see the fun to be had, most children will gladly join in. It may be a good idea to exaggerate a little at first if you come up against resistance to turning off the computer.

Many of the games in this fun downloadable book can be played outside as well as inside, depending on the weather of course.

As we are never too old to learn, we are never too old to play, and these games, with a few allowances here and there of course, can be played and enjoyed by all ages – all you need to do is find the kid in you!

Pencil, paper and marbles at the ready and not a charger, battery or a plug anywhere to be found!

(intro from Indoor Family Games)



Indoor Family Games

Download here from your favourite retailer

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Have Fun!

Linda x

Growing Beansprouts


Growing beansprouts isn’t a new age veggie thing – the Chinese have been growing and eating beansprouts for thousands of years.

Many beans can be germinated and eaten while still at the sprouting stage. Mung beans are probably the easiest and quickest to grow.

Other beans and seeds can be used though. In general it’s better to sprout beans and seeds that are fairly small and soft. Larger beans can grow mold before they sprout= inedible!

Try lentils, cabbage seed, fenugreek, alfalfa and of course mung beans.
Most seed packets will have instructions for the best way to growing beansprouts. But just in case, here’s a general overview of just HOW to create those wonderful crisp and nutritious beansprouts the Chinese have sworn by for centuries. ( NO fat, LOW in calories, HIGH in vitamin and mineral content and quick to grow in minimal space )

Growing Beansprouts and How To Do It!

You need:

*a glass or plastic jar ( or tumbler )
*a piece of cloth ( preferably muslin but any cotton cloth will do ) large enough to cover the top of the jar.
*An elastic band to secure the cloth over the top of the jar.

Oh…and some seeds to sprout!

Pour seeds in your jar to about a fifth full or check on instructions on your seed packet.

( A cup of mung beans will make 4 cups of beansprouts. )

Pour tepid water over the seeds and swish around the jar for a few seconds. Then cover the jar with the cloth – secure with elastic band – and drain all the water through the cloth.

Place the jar, with cloth cover, in a warm dark cupboard ( 75 degrees F. is good ).

Every morning and evening, pour warm water over your seeds, drain and replace in cupboard.

Your seeds should start sprouting within 2-6 days depending on the type of seed you’re using.

Eat as soon as the sprouts are one or two inches long.

Keep in a dark place for white shoots. If you prefer green shoots, leave in a lighter place after the seeds have started to germinate.

NB: If you find your beans or seeds grow mold before they start to shoot, try soaking the seed in tepid water for 24 hours before you start. This may be recommended on your seed packet anyway.

Try a few different shoots at the same time, and make it a daily part of your household chores to water and drain them. ( It’s easy to forget one solitary jar hiding in the airing cupboard! )

Growing beansprouts is probably the cleanest vegetable gardening you can do – and no back ache!

Get the kids involved. They’ll love it 🙂

Here’s a quick Amazon link so you can get started right away.





Bon Appetit!

Linda x

Put the Fizz Back in the Physical

Put the Fizz Backin the Physical

Is the fizz still alive in your relationship or is real life getting in the way far too often?

Lack of intimacy can be the cause of frustration and discontent in an otherwise hunky dory relationship.

Of course, sex isn’t the sole reason we stay together but putting the spring back in your bed-springs can help you feel young and sexy again! Here are five ways to put the fizz back….


1. In the evening, when you’re about to disappear into the kitchen to deal with the washing up or the packed lunches for the next day, pause for a moment and suggest (delicately?) that your partner does it instead, while you indulge in a relaxing bath. You will feel less irritated with one less chore to do, and you get to de-stress even more in a delicious bath… restful, sensual… need we say more 🙂

NB: Make sure he’s au fait with who likes what for lunch before you let him loose in the kitchen though!
2. If you are your own boss and work from home, try and juggle the time so you can grab a siesta during the day. Don’t feel guilty. Millions of people have a daily siesta. It’s a very sensible way to deal with a busy day. The stuff you weren’t doing while you were resting will get done in half the time if you are rested. Just an hour will revitalize those tired muscles and crazy thoughts. And if you both work from home, a shared siesta could lead to other things …

If you go out to work, somewhere during the day, give yourself time to meditate. 10 minutes of sitting still with no distractions is better than no minutes. And often in meditation, your inner self will come up with some stunning ideas.
3. Could it be his turn to get up for the kids? A mild suggestion the night before clearly reminding him you’ll have more time for a shower in the morning, may just give the testosterone a kick into gear. And if you know you will have an extra 15 minutes in the morning to relax or spend more time in the shower, you may just feel the urge to demand his body – and in the middle of the week as well – shame on you!
4. Make a date to go out and eat occasionally. Lingering over a brandy and a coffee and then leaving the washing up to someone else is a liberating experience to those who generally spend a lot of their ‘non’ working lives in the kitchen. Float home on a red carpet of regal sexuality and worry about the bill tomorrow. Generally finding time to enjoy each other’s company can do wonders for your relationship and well-being.
5. Get in the mood. Think about sex sometimes – Men do every 7 seconds I believe, or was it minutes, anyway, get into it. Indulge in a daydream/fantasy and go all the way. Truly liberating. But it’s also revealing so don’t go casually chatting about it. Hug any fetishes and fantasies you may have to yourself. Keep it a secret you smile with during the day and when you meet the man of your dreams in the evening, you’ll be ready for anything!
Make time for each other during the day if you can. Click on that sexual refresh button and enjoy some physical exercise that not only burns up calories but also make you feel like a million dollars!

To your good health

Linda x

Broccoli Cocktails

Broccoli Cocktails


Honestly, the words broccoli and cocktail don’t usually connect in my mind but this grown up salad looks yummy 🙂  When I acquire some Pernod, I’m definitely giving it a go!

(serves 4)



8oz / 225g broccoli

3 tomatoes

5oz /150g. camembert cheese

few lettuce leaves.

For the dressing:

¼pint / 150mls / ⅔ cup of whipping cream

4 teaspoons of pernod

1 tablespoon chopped pistachio nuts

salt and pepper



  1. Divide the broccoli into florets and cook in boiling salted water for about 10 minutes or until tender. Drain well and allow to cool.
  2. Divide the florets into bite sized pieces and reserve a few for decoration
  3. Pour boiling water over the tomatoes, then drain, peel and chop.
  4. Dice cheese.
  5. Line four cocktail glasses with lettuce leaves and divide the salad between them.
  6. Stir together pernod and cream and season to taste.
  7. Pour over cocktails, decorate with reserved broccoli florets and sprinkle with chopped nuts.


Bon appetit!

Linda x