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g3_v7VD9_400x400Behind the scenes, there’s just me 🙂 I’m Linda Gray, I have a whole bunch of diverse and wonderful children and grandchildren who keep me on my toes and are always an inspiration. I was a stay-at-home mum, which was still fairly normal back in the 70’s and 80’s.

I’ve been writing forever, although never took myself very seriously until about fifteen years ago when I landed a book contract.

The book reflected many ideas and tips I’d collected through years of living in London, on the road and off the land in rural France. From then on, it was all systems go and I discovered many of the wonders (and sometimes the horrors!) of the internet. Now, I showcase my books and guides here, on site, and post blogs that could make a difference to your world. Have a wander round and say hi … contact

Do you remember when email was a novelty? I remember getting quite excited by the whole thing… not so much now. So many hundreds of emails every week, I suspect we may all start becoming allergic or something! But if you can cope, sign up below and every now and then I’ll send you a quickie email with any news of new books and blogposts you may like. I like the idea of monthly emails but if an allergic reaction is occuring, it may not be so often!

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Oh, and just before I go, some of my posts don’t really fit in anywhere so I have put them together in a ‘News and Opinions list.


Stay Safe, Linda