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Recipe-apple-pinApple Crumble

If you Google ‘basic apple crumble recipe’ you get about 16 million or so results! Let’s keep it simple with this easy and, I believe, traditional recipe that my family has loved for years. It even got a spot in my ‘Grow It, Cook It!’ book. Apple Crumble Recipe


walnuttart-pinWalnut Tart

I really shouldn’t be putting this up – it definitely doesn’t come under the ‘healthy living’ theme! But honestly this looks so delicious I couldn’t resist sharing. Walnut Tart


N2-treacletart-pinTreacle Tart

If you’re having a weekend firework night, this recipe is best made the day before, so collect your ingredients ready for a Friday bake. And it’s probably wise to serve the sugary stuff early in the evening or nobody will get any sleep! Treacle Tart



Carrot CakeCarrot Cake

Once all the ingredients are collected and prepared, this recipe is quick and easy!

And I should mention, very delicious 🙂 Carrot Cake


glutenfree-pinGluten-Free Success!
I’ve had some disasters lately with my gluten-free experiments, but today I got something right. 🙂 This banana bread is a recipe I created a couple of years ago (update on Angry Bananas) but needed adapting to my store cupboard ingredients, so this is what I did… Gluten-Free Success!


angrybananas-pinAngry Bananas
When I wandered into the kitchen to make a cup of tea – well deserved I might add – the over-ripe bananas on the side were glaring at me, so, terrified into submission I stopped to make a banana loaf….

This is what it came out like… Angry Bananas




There’s so much fruit in these delicious cookies that I’m over-riding my healthy eating conscience – again!



SheerIndulgence-pinRich Chocolate Truffles
Rich and delicious grown up treats! This recipe (found in The Chocolate Book, and modified slightly) makes about 30 truffles. Six in a nice box would make a lovely gift.

Rich Chocolate Truffles


EasterEggs-pinEaster Eggs
We often have rain or even snow at Easter. This year, who knows what’s going to happen next?! But, if you have some time on your hands and are up for a challenge.

Easter Eggs


rockyroadcookies-pinRocky Road Cookies
Another not-so-healthy recipe but a delicious afternoon tea treat. Copied from ‘Cookies Galore’. Tried this myself and it went down really well with the grandchildren!

Rocky Road Cookies


Classic recipe to satisfy that chocolate moment 🙂

Found in ‘The Chocolate Book’ published about 30 years ago!



meltingmoments-pinMelting Moments

Just a heads up that we could get a little regal at the end of this delicious recipe – an afternoon tea favourite that won’t take all day to make…

Melting Moments


Bon Appetit!

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