Who Would You Be?


Someone once asked me who I would like to be if I could be someone famous. They were dreaming of being rich and famous themselves.

While I wouldn’t say no to being rich, I’ve never really aspired to being famous. It just seems to be too much trouble – having the media constantly watching you and not able to pop down to the shop without a bodyguard has an air of the ridiculous about it – in my world anyway!

The question itself is hypothetical and anyway, shouldn’t we all be happy with our own lives? … hmm

But my subconscious must have been secretly evaluating the question because just recently I realised that there is one person I would like to be. And, strangely it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that she’s a billionaire – although that would be very nice of course – but more to do with who she is and what she represents.

I’m talking about JK Rowling.

Her creativity, imagination and writing expertise is phenominal and on those days when inspiration has vanished in a haze of everyday worries and uncertainty, her books have helped me find that nugget of self-worth and confidence that I need to develop my own writing skills.

So thank you for all the wonderful stories you have shared with the world JK!

Who would you like to be? And Why?

Linda x


Strange Connections


I could theorize until the cows come home (?!) but sometimes there is just no logical explanation why we connect certain things with other certain things.

When you hear a particular song, you may be transported back in time to an old flame or a sad or happy occasion. ‘Fly me to the Moon’ (Frank Sinatra) always takes me back to my dad’s funeral. Sad, but memories of him soon come flooding back – and he did love the song!

And we have certain smells, visuals, tastes and even textures that have very meaningful memories or sometimes the experience is so auspicious, you make a new memory right then and there 🙂

But then there are those illogical connections that can’t be analysed – theorised perhaps, but not always easy to find the reason you’re looking for. It’s kind of like analysing dreams I suppose. There are always bits you forget in amongst the weirdness.

My latest weird connection is ‘roast potatoes and Merlin’ ???? Yep, will elaborate a bit but honestly don’t even go down that analytical road…. If I’m making roast potatoes for dinner, I always have to put on an episode of Merlin – goodness knows what I’ll do if Netflix takes it down. Give up roast potatoes perhaps?! Noooooo 🙂

Someone close once described me as colourful and slightly off-centre. And perhaps they had a point. I would love to hear about your strange connections – nothing risque please – my grandchildren may be reading this!

Oddly yours
Linda x