A Change in the Weather

This week, in Cornwall (UK), we’ve had a change in the weather – finally! How long it’s going to last is another matter but for now, when the skies are blue and it’s not raining, it’s definitely time to be outside if you can.

Even if you have a small garden, spring can be a busy time. Clearing up the winter debris is probably the first job to tackle.

Before you start strimming or shifting boxes or upturned pots that may have been out all winter, make sure there are no hedgehogs or other delightful creatures hibernating. Give them a chance to wake up and move to a new home.

If, however, you find a nest of the bad bug variety, now’s the time to exterminate! I must have killed at least twenty slugs over the week. All of whom were waiting for my lettuces to feast on.

The west country has plenty of rain and slugs and snails are numerous. Seek them out and get rid of them before another change in the weather brings back their favourite habitat!

While the temperature seems to be increasing, sort out your seeds and plan what plants will go where.

Many seeds can be started around now, depending on the climate in your region.

In the UK we can sometimes be blasted with a fresh spell of cold and even snow in April. If that’s a possibility for you, be a little patient before sowing all your seeds. Seedlings that have germinated very early can sometimes become stunted and later sowings will catch up very quickly.

Starting them off indoors or in a warm greenhouse is best of course.

Then re-plant your small plants outside when all danger of a frost has passed.

I’ve been enjoying the change in weather this week and have lots of stuff prepared for the oncoming season and I’ve already sown some tomato and lettuce seeds. This year I’m going to try and grow some purple tomatoes – why not?!

I bought them from Amazon (UK) – I don’t know how successful I’m going to be, but generally tomatoes are fairly productive so fingers crossed.

These are the seeds I bought from Premier Seeds. They don’t come with instructions but you can find out more on their Amazon sales page or their website.

PREMIER SEEDS DIRECT Tomato – Indigo – Apple – 10 Finest Seeds

Just a sidenote, a change in the weather doesn’t mean you automatically turn into Superman/woman. Take it slowly and steadily until your muscles get used to the activity, especially if you don’t have a physical job. Even if you’ve been exercising regularly all winter ( hhmm ), muscles you don’t normally use can come into play in the garden, so don’t expect too much of yourself and remember to listen to your body. Don’t overdo the digging!

Aside from gardening, just getting out in the sunshine will nourish your mind, body and spirit.

During the winter months I found myself taking a walk to my local shop every day or so, but that was about the extent of my exercise – and social life if the truth be known! But a change in the weather has encouraged me to take a walk in a different direction and it’s so satisfying to take a new look at the world 🙂

Even a 10 or 20 minute walk can inspire and delight if we allow it to.

Allow an extra few minutes to walk to the next bus stop (if possible) if you travel to work by bus.

Could you walk or even catch a bus to the shops rather than sitting in your car? – remembering the skyrocketing fuel costs!

Exercise outdoors if you can. You don’t need to take a five mile run every morning but a few star jumps in the back yard may be just the job for pushing that motivation button.

Previous generations worked and often lived outdoors far more often than we do today – I’m generalizing madly here, but it’s true to say there are far more indoor and sedentary jobs these days, including of course all the freelance writers, web designers and online entrepreneurs. While this change has it’s upside, balance needs to be maintained to retain your healthy mind body and spirit.

When I was a kid, the rain didn’t matter so much – actually I still love to walk in the rain 🙂 – but now I see people putting up umbrellas as they get out of their cars so as not to get a drop if rain on them. If you’ve just had your hair and make-up fixed, I get it but otherwise, it’s only rain!

A change in the weather is welcome, believe me, but we mustn’t forget that without water there is no life. Embrace the spring rains as they help grow your crops and complain about the rain in the summer if you need to!

I hope the sun’s shining in your world today.

Linda x

Find Your Passion


What’s Your Passion?
Did you ever wonder how some people manage to find time for ‘hobbies’ and ‘pastimes’ when you are only just fitting in everything you HAVE to do in the space of each 24 hours? The answer is passion.

It’s been said many times before, but the phrase ‘ if you want something badly enough you’ll get it’ is 110% relevant to our everyday lives.

Are you passionately committed to keeping a clean and tidy house? Then I would hazard a guess that your house is clean and tidy most of the time.

Are you passionately committed to your job and promotion prospects? The chances are you are on your way up that ladder right now.

However, the majority of us live our lives according to the passions and sometimes the whims of everyone around us. Why? Because we never stop to think what we actually WANT, what we actually LOVE or what we are passionate about.

Do you really, deep down in your soul, believe that the world will fall apart and no-one will like you if you don’t keep your house clean? If so, then take a few tiny baby steps out of that box and remember the dust will be there tomorrow… your friends or your dreams may not. Phew.. Now there’s a kick in the teeth.

I often imagine I would like a clean and tidy house fit for a royal visit. But I’m never able to commit myself to the time and energy it requires – Why? Because I’m NOT passionate about housework. Never have been, never will be. I would rather spend time with my family and friends, chatting on the phone, going for long walks or dancing the night away. And guess what – a member of the royal household has yet to turn up on my doorstep un-announced!

Do you really want a clean and tidy house for YOU or is it just so the neighbours won’t say bad things about you when they drop in for coffee? If you are using your precious time to keep on the ‘good’ side of other people, pause for a moment and remember that those other people are definitely NOT perfect. There will be areas of their lives you will not resonate with – guaranteed!

Most of us are committed to spending a certain number of hours every day working, often for someone else, just to earn enough money to get through to the next paycheck. Does this sound like you?

At the end of the working day, we need to find something to make us feel good, to enable us to endure the next day’s hard graft. Governments are wise to this formula and have enabled the average working man/woman to be able to afford entertainment in their homes.

Television helps us wind down – or does it?

I don’t watch television. I’ve always felt, although there are some great programmes and lots of learning to be gained, the television companies are determining WHAT we watch and WHEN we watch it. I want to decide those things for myself.

I had a cold sales call one evening. While trying to sell me a phone package deal, the sales person referred to a TV advert. I told her I was unaware of this advert because I don’t watch TV. She kept me talking for 10 minutes during which time she referred to this particular TV advert a further 4 times, and each time I assured her I had not seen it because I don’t watch television. She didn’t believe me at all.

So everyone in our region watches the same adverts, the same programmes, the same news stories every single day or night? Yep, I guess that’s what’s happening. We are all thinking the same thoughts. Our brainwaves are tuned to the exact same brand of fish fingers being the best thing for our kids since sliced bread – a highly debatable point! And we have no time left for ourselves.

So coming back to passion…

Find your passions in life. Make a list and seriously consider each thing you write down. Is it what you want or is it what you think other people want from you. Remember your life is yours alone.

You may be responsible for the care of others, children, parents, the sick or needy. But ultimately this is YOUR life. You only get one shot at it.

Don’t waste another minute watching those adverts – you can watch the exact same ones tomorrow if you so wish. Believe me they won’t go away! Television is one of the biggest time-consumers. And every moment you are watching, could be spent enjoying one of the passions in your life.

Try this experiment to find time for YOU in your life…

1. Make a list of your passions – remember they must be YOUR passions, no-one else’s

2. Pick one and find time for it.

That’s it!

Many years ago I learned to knit. Knitting has often had a fairly dull press.

-Knitting’s for grannies
-Knitting is boring and time consuming.

But I enjoy the challenge. New yarns and stylish pattern designs make knitting fun and fast, and I can knit even if I am watching a film. Knitting can be picked up during the adverts and worked at for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. The equipment takes up very little space. It’s cheap – often costing nothing – to set up.

Knitting is one of my passions, and over the years I have learned to design my own clothes, toys and many practical household items. And, although at moments in my life I have had to live within an incredibly tight budget, I have always found the materials needed to be able to continue with my hobby.

Knitting is MY passion….what’s yours?

Reading? Writing Poetry? Stamp collecting? Scrapbooking? or maybe your passions lie outside your four walls – Gardening? Tennis? Gym Club?

Find your passion and you WILL find the time AND the resources to carry it through. You may even turn your hobby into a thriving business. Many books have been written on the subject. I am on my way to creating a knitting empire at the moment!…. The Ekokids are teenage dolls who were created during a low budget moment and are now gaining a global audience! (Pop over to this page to see all the knitting patterns I’m developing: Stix & Yarn )

Find time for your passion today – you deserve it!

Linda x

P.S. You could even make a family heirloom like this in just a few minutes every day (find it on the Stix & Yarn page)

Time Out Tasks

I think I must have inner leanings towards being a taskmaster. Why? I don’t know, but I do know I’ve been giving myself some huge tasks lately…

Aside from unpicking a hand-knitted blanket – it was far too heavy! – and crocheting two new ones, I’ve decided to do a complete update of my blogposts. There are nearly 300 of them dating back to 2017 and I estimate the job will take about 3 months.

But I’ve found over the past couple of weeks, the task itself is so satisfying that I might take it up full-time!

Sorting through old photos, re-shuffling bookshelves, unpicking blankets or updating blogposts are more beneficial to our well-being than we think.

Taking time out to tackle a task that’s been swirling around in your subconscious for ages or worst still keeps getting put on your to-do list day after day, is both refreshing and relaxing.

What have you been putting off?

We usually put things off for a few different reasons

  • lack of time – questionable but we’ll go with it
  • lack of money – hm, tricky one
  • lack of physical ability – maybe some muscle needed?
  • lack of motivation – there’s always something else to be prioritized

Lack of Time
We-e-e-ll, we all say ‘I haven’t got time’ now and again, but has it just become a habitual response to something we don’t particularly want to do right this red-hot minute? Possibly. Although we can’t press the replay button on time, we can juggle it a bit. Stop for a moment and consider how much time you spend on

  • social media scrolling
  • playing games on your phone
  • watching tv – the father of all time-wasters

Not saying these activities should be scrapped, but when you truthfully add up the hours every day spent watching crap tv or beating yourself up cos you don’t look like every other supermodel on Instagram, it could surprise you and those hours could perhaps be spent tackling a task or even getting creative.

Lack of Money
Yes, a tricky one. If you really want to re-decorate and haven’t the money to buy the paint, it can be frustrating. But there are maybe a few things you could do in preparation..

  • decide on your colour scheme or theme for the space you want to re-vamp
  • Watch out for giveaways on local Facebook free pages – you never know what your neighbour may be throwing out.
  • Clean the space you want to decorate – you won’t want to be painting over dust or dirt after all

When you start preparing for your task ahead, whether it’s painting a room or even replacing a dodgy device, you send out vibes to the Universe. Too woowoo? Well, have you ever wanted a particular brand of car then you end up seeing them everywhere? You become more aware when you’ve already started on a project and you may be able to pick a bargain perhaps.

Lack of Physical Ability
Apart from your own regime of health care, it’s probably not possible to run a marathon if you have arthritic knees. But then who am I to say?! Personally, I get frustrated when I can’t shift furniture around like I used to but, you know, there’s no shame in asking for help. I’m learning!

  • ask an able-bodied friend or family member to give you a hand, or more than one if the task is a biggy
  • check local service providers if you have the funds available. Always check references before letting a stranger in your home though.

Or alternatively, leave it as it is but pretty it up a bit! After seeing the incredible gadget sculpture at the Eden project in Cornwall, I think anything could be made into art! Not that I want a 3m high statue of old washing machines in my garden, but inspiring nonetheless. (I think it’s moved to another location now)

Lack of Motivation
With all the chaos going on in the world at large, it’s not surprising that many of us just think “what’s the bloody point?” But underlying there has to be a reason why. Perhaps you

  • simply want your environment to be healthier/cleaner/prettier
  • would like to monetise your blog posts – random but I’m working on it!
  • want to leave your affairs in order at all times – nice idea

There really does have to be a reason why, otherwise putting the same task on your to-do list every day isn’t going to get it done and will probably impede your progress in other areas. Nothing like a feeling of failure to shut off motivation and confidence.

So, find the reason why, sort out the means and take time out to get on with it. You’ll feel soooo much better for it!

To your well-being and happiness,

Linda x

P.S. If you’re thinking of a huge de-cluttering session, grab this quick download to help you through the process.


It has been shown that a tidy environment can help you focus, apply yourself to otherwise seemingly impossible tasks, and generally enjoy your space and feel good!

Don’t let the clutter overwhelm you. This step-by-step guide to de-cluttering your home is simple to follow and will help you create the home you know you deserve. 🙂

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A Change is as Good as a Rest

Why are we all rushing around like crazy people in the weeks running up to Christmas?

Is it because we’re missing summer so much we have to block out the memory of long summer days with busy-ness?

Is it because Jesus was definitely born on the 25th December and we all need to celebrate his birth?

Or is it because we’ve all been doing it for so long, it’s just become a habit?

So, where do we go from here? The busy-ness involved in the run up to Christmas mostly consists of extra planning and shopping. If the whole family are coming to yours on the big day, beds may have to organized, special dietary requirements may need to be recognized and, oh dear, everyone has to have a gift.

I’ve never been very good at planning Christmas in October but hats off to those who do because it must make for a less stressful December! If you’re at the point now when you have loads more gifts to buy, a limited budget and an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy – don’t despair!

A change is as good as a rest.

First let’s be honest. Are the gifts you’ve yet to buy absolutely necessary or could it be that the recipient of the gift is actually more open-minded to the whole commercial Christmas thing than you thought? And if they are, or if they’re approachable, have a quick chat now to save embarrassing moments later.

For example you could, depending on your relationship,

  • Declare poverty
  • Declare your reluctance to buy cheap plastic items
  • Declare your intention to make gifts this year

Discuss the options with friends and family before you max out the credit card on stuff they may not even want.

Get back to basics perhaps…

Christmas, aside from the religious aspects, should really be a time to get together and spend some quality time as a family or family of friends. If you can’t see them in person, a skype call and a small gift in the post may be the best option.

I remember many crazy, fun and loving moments from Christmases past although I’d be hard-pressed to remember every gift, but then I’m getting on a bit now!

One of my favourite things to do is to make gifts. A small box of home-made candy or a Christmas cake is a welcome gift in most households. Last year, I crocheted a ‘family’ gift of a dozen robin redbreasts with a few chocolate eggs in each to hang on the tree – I didn’t make the eggs but I might this year!

I’ve written extensively on craft and green gift ideas and I’ll list some related posts below should you wish to check them out.

I’ve heard parents say their children will be disappointed if they don’t get the latest device or game, but that doesn’t mean it has to be bought. That may sound mean, but bringing up a whole generation of kids who expect to get whatever they want when they want it sounds a little dodgy to me.

Maybe we should be encouraging our children to share love, compassion and even, dare I say, respect rather than expecting their frazzled parents to spend every penny and more on something that will need updating within a few months.

It all starts with the grown-ups though. I am so lucky and proud of my children and grandchildren who don’t have those expectations and are very happy to share quality time in lieu of expensive gifts. Of course, we lived off-the-land and found off-grid entertainment wherever we could so it’s been kind of instilled into them. 🙂

But with the environment knowledge we have now, many youngsters are understanding the consequences of living in a throw-away plastic world and could easily be encouraged to put up with their device a little longer perhaps.

So, let’s embrace the change and stop filling the pockets of big corporate directors with our hard-earned cash and get back to the basics of sharing love and beauty with our families friends and the world around us.

Have a peaceful and happy December!

Linda x

P.S. If you have a gardening friend, they may find this downloadable journal really useful – it has monthly garden tips and lots of space for notes.

Available in printable format at Etsy

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Gratitude and Learning

Although we know gratitude is an important element in our growth and development, it’s not always easy to tune in to that higher frequency. These gratitude points may seem simple and it’s certainly easy to take them for granted if you tick all the boxes, but for many people, ticking all the boxes is what they may be praying and hoping for every moment of their lives.

In years gone by, education was unattainable for many. Even basic reading and writing skills didn’t become common place until relatively recently in history. And they still aren’t a universal given.

Learning about something you are interested in can become a life’s work, a passionate hobby, a talking point and of course something to be incredibly grateful for.

If you have online access and/or a decent library nearby, you are in a perfect place to learn about some basics that will evoke gratitude, understanding, confidence and self-empowerment…. Let’s Go!

Look up at the sky.
Is it overcast? Is it raining, snowing, is the sun shining brightly?

Simply Google ‘how are clouds formed?’ or ‘how hot is the sun?’ or ‘weather patterns in my region’ and you’ll get results from the met office, education platforms and children’s learning sites. Start there and let your curiosity take you wherever you want to go.

Check out you local library for historic weather patterns and, dare I mention it, delve into the reasons for global warming. It’s not always as straightforward as the media would have us believe!

If you’re going to create a project, keep notes and log the sites where you found good information. Don’t be afraid to explore the children’s learning sites. They can really inspire you to go further.

The roof over your head.
Read about historic or even ancient civilizations and imagine how they lived every day.

If you want to go back a long, long way, the Earth’s Children books by Jean Auel are a fabulous read. They’re fiction but the author has been commended for her detailed research and they give us a powerful insight to what life must have been like for life on earth around the time of the ice age.

Or maybe you could fast forward and find the date your home was built, and unless it’s a completely new build, research the history of that time. Was it built during the war years or between them? Is your house a Victorian town house and would they have had servants back then?

Your Beautiful Body
Anatomy is a subject to explore and be amazed by the trillions of cells all doing their bit.

It’s huge subject and an incredibly interesting one. Choose a ‘department’ (!) first e.g. skeleton, endocrine system, organs, even bacteria, of which we have many and varied forms. Grab a book on the human body in general if you don’t know where to start and then delve into the part that interests you most.

And how about exploring physical movement and enjoying a yoga or dance session. Access to the internet and a willingness to move is all you really need. Getting physical isn’t always at the top of the list when you feel drained by the current situation, so take your time. Give yourself a break and explore other options. Even sweeping the path to your house may take a while and get you moving some muscles you haven’t used for a while. And you can be grateful for a clean and tidy path!

Can you see?
If you’re reading this, there is so much more to read.

Not only reading and/or studying books, there are the visual arts as well, from pottery to photography and everything craft. Your gift of sight allows you to appreciate beauty in nature, art and almost anything man-made.

And not only can you appreciate visual beauty and pure creativity, you can also get creative yourself.
Whether you want to get messy with pottery, painting or cooking or whether you want to get into some delicate embroidery the arts and crafts world is so vast, every subject has many books dedicated to it and they keep on coming.

And, as well as enjoying the moment, you may even find yourself with a small business to run using your new found skills and creative ideas. Once that creative button is pushed, it’s human nature to want to explore further.

Do you have food to eat?
Even if the fridge and larder are looking a bit sparse, there’s possibly something you could rustle up for dinner.

Collect some recipes you know will work for you and add ingredients to your shopping list – but remember to cross off any unnecessary items if the budget is tight.
If there are allergies or food intolerances in the family, research the alternatives and use them as guinea pigs in your new-found life skill! Check nutritional values as well.

Often people with food allergies can be deficient in certain minerals and vitamins. A simple example would be perhaps a lack of B vitamins when you stop eating meat.

A few veggies can produce nourishing and warming soups for the winter months and some delicious vitamin-packed salads in the summer. Why not grow some? There’s a handy download ‘Growing Everyday Vegetables’ on the Growing page. And don’t forget many herbs have healing properties. Explore the possibilities and create delicious flavoursome meals every day. ‘Growing Herbs at Home’ will get you started! Find this popular download on the Herb Books page.

Do you have access to clean water?
All life-forms (as far as I know) need water to survive.

Are there ‘clean water’ projects you could get involved with?
Water covers around 70% of the earth with approx. 95% of that figure accounting for the oceans. We still have little idea of what lies deep within the oceans but the life contained within these huge bodies of water is fascinating and well worth studying. The other 30%-ish of water on earth is made up of fresh water; lakes, rivers etc;

The water we drank thousands of years ago must have come directly from these fresh water sources. Now, we mostly have filtered or treated water to drink, although a lot of it still originally comes from rivers. The rest is sourced from underground pools.
Research water science such as the Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments, performed in the 1990’s. Sceptical? Maybe have a go at it yourself!

These 6 bigger picture gratitude and learning points will help overcome those feelings of despair that sneak in uninvited from time to time.

To your happiness and well-being

Linda x

P.S. One of the best ways to stop and smell the roses is literally to stop and smell the roses (or coffee!) This little book is probably one of the most well-known in the self-development genre and it’s really worth a read. Bringing yourself to the ‘now’ will help you find the gratitude that will make you feel great!

The Power of Now

A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment: (20th Anniversary Edition) Eckhart Tolle

“Surrender to the present moment, where problems do not exist. It is here we find our joy, are able to embrace our true selves and discover that we are already complete and perfect.”

The Power of Now

Positive Vibes

Don’t let the world grind you down. When negative energy invades your headspace, make a conscious effort towards a positive feeling.

Yes, easier said than done, but try bringing to mind a positive quote or heart-warming story that will give your positive energy levels a boost. This energy will glow through your skin and put a sparkle in your eye.

One of my favourite go-to’s is “This too shall pass”

There are a number of different processes to jumpstart positive energies – most of which revolve around gratitude and appreciation. If you’ve been following any of the self-development teachings over the past decade, you’ve probably heard gratitude and appreciation stressed over and over again. Perhaps to the point where it doesn’t really mean anything anymore.

However, gratitude is a powerful energy, can be used in any moment of any day or night and it doesn’t cost a thing! These five ideas from ‘Natural Beauty’ will help you power up your positive energy. Choose one or more that resonate with you at the moment.

  1. Create a Gratitude Journal where you write down any number of things you are grateful for at this moment. It could be the view from your window or even the fact that you haven’t broken a nail all week!
  2. Affirmations with feeling. Don’t simply recite an affirmation, do it with feeling. If affirming your body is healthy, really feel the health within you.
  3. Visuals have a great part in today’s world. And a personalized vision board will encourage and delight you evry time you look at it. Feel the visions as if they had already happened. Yep, that mercedes is mine!
  4. Books you love can change your mood within minutes. Read what suits you at the moment. It may be learning about the sub terrainean world of trees or a heart-warming novel.
  5. Videos are all around us from instagram reels to old comedy shows. Give yourself a fifteen minute break and watch something that makes you feel good – laughing babies come to mind!

These positive vibe ideas, in full, are included in the very first chapter of ‘Natural Beauty’. The book is a must-have for anyone trying to live a more natural lifestyle. See below.

For the beautiful you!

Linda x

Natural Beauty

Reveal your Inner Glow, Naturally

Learn to love yourself with positive energy, diet, exercise and more – all while having fun! The ten tips, fully explained, in Natural Beauty will reveal your inner glow and outward beauty without a trip to the cosmetic counter. Images and fun quotes included 🙂

The natural world provides enough natural cures and cosmetics to fill an encyclopedia… and to bring out your inner beauty.

Give the beauty counter a wide berth and go for the natural look. These top ten tips will bring your inner glow to the surface and you’ll positively shimmer with natural beauty.

Ten chapters with ideas and options to love your inner and outer self and to build confidence and strength for your mind, body and spirit.


Chapter One: Positive Energy
Chapter Two: Fruit and Veg
Chapter Three: Have Fun
Chapter Four: Time and Space
Chapter Five: Exercise
Chapter Six: Vigilance
Chapter Seven: Inspiration
Chapter Eight: Good Vibes
Chapter Nine: Learning
Chapter Ten: Love Yourself

Choose from your favourite online book store

Amazon (US) , Amazon (UK) , Apple Books , Barnes & Noble , Kobo , Etsy

Bring Joy to Your Environment

Many self-help studies stress the need to create a perfect environment to be able to live a “successful” life. From the most famous celebrities to the most celebrated politicians, and all of us mere mortals in between! To be truly happy, therefore fulfilled and so able to share and give to our fellow humans, environment is crucial.

Whether it’s a city street, a rural farm or a Hollywood stage, finding the environment that suits your character can be a lifelong search, so the journey must be enjoyed.

To be truly successful, happy, wealthy and wise, draw on all things natural around you and create a stress-free environment.

Get in touch with nature and re-assure yourself that the natural world will carry on no matter what. Draw from the creativity of a flower growing, a vegetable being formed, insects oblivious to what’s on TV tonight, and water flowing over naturally formed rocks.

Try an experiment… spend a full half hour or more alone in a forest or next to the sea, or failing that, a park where you won’t be disturbed. Make sure you feel safe from wild animals and humans (!) – and just let your mind wander, allow your thoughts to flow freely, call it meditation time if you need an excuse to spend some time on your own. Just enjoy and allow your thoughts to wander free and your imagination to leap into fantasies if you feel the need.

Draw from the enlightened natural energies around you and absorb the power… Got it? Great – now go home and create your own little bit of nature in your world.

Advancements in technology means food can be grown in a very small space indoors under lights if necessary. So, not having a garden isn’t an excuse anymore. To fit an indoor growing system does require a little cash so you can always use that as an excuse if you want to find one!. However, the materials and set-up of a basic hydroponics system is little more than the cost of a few regular garden tools, so the choice is yours.

A balcony or roof garden can be used to grow all sorts of container plants. Most veggies and flowers will grow in containers and once set up, there is little maintenance and lots of time to enjoy the plants and absorb the creativity of it all.

If you have a garden available, the choices are so vast you can get lost in the whole garden thing. A lawn is easy and needs mowing every week or so, but apart from the exercise, this type of garden isn’t fulfilling it’s potential. Grow some flowers, vegetables or herbs. Create a theme or build a water feature.

Plan your garden before you start, then you’ll be able to iron out any problems before they stress you out. Work out what you want to plant, what you need, and organise your time so you can spend a little time every day with your natural environment….the joy will follow naturally!

Peace and Love
Linda x

P.S. If you feel like a bit of mind-empty-ness instead of mind-full-ness, this is a definite must read. (I would recommend watching some of his videos as well!)

The Power of Now

A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment: (20th Anniversary Edition) Eckhart Tolle

“Surrender to the present moment, where problems do not exist. It is here we find our joy, are able to embrace our true selves and discover that we are already complete and perfect.”

The Power of Now

Natural Beauty Tips

Give the beauty counter a wide berth and go for the natural look. Here are five easy ways to bring your inner glow to the surface and shimmer with natural beauty.

These ideas and five more are fleshed out in full in my new book ‘Natural Beauty’ which is out NOW.

This image is the cover I decided on after many trials and errors! Scroll down for details of how to get hold of Natural Beauty.

  1. Positive Energy

Don’t let the world grind you down. When the negative energy invades your headspace, replace it with positive thoughts. Yes, easier said than done, but you may remember reading somewhere ‘think positive’ or ‘this too shall pass’ and the thought alone will give your positive energy levels a boost. This positive energy will glow through your skin and put a sparkle in your eye.

  1. Fruit & Veg

The 5-a-day mantra has been so overplayed, many of us have kind of blanked it. However, although 5 portions of fruit and veg a day will help, in reality the quality of food most of us have access to, is not what it was a couple of generations ago. Up you portions. The vitamins and minerals in fruit and veg will help keep your skin in great condition and all your organs working well. Always include green leafy vegetables for roughage.

  1. Have Fun!

Do something you enjoy doing every day – just you – not in relation to someone else. As long as having fun to you isn’t consuming a box of chocolates, you’ll benefit from high serotonin levels working in the brain… the feel good factor. Pop outside with bare feet and connect with the earth for a few minutes (40minutes is best but whatever you do is good) – this helps balance out any oxidization and electrical impulses.

  1. Time & Space

Allocate a time in your busy week that is just for you. It doesn’t have to be the same time, just a convenient one. Lie down and rest with a couple of cucumber slices over your eyes, or give yourself an organic face-pack and sit down while it’s working rather than rushing around doing stuff. Or even better, meditate or do a little yoga. Do what feels good for you.

  1. Exercise

Hmm, kind of a scary word but a challenge worth facing. There are so many theories, courses, programmes and ideas about exercise routines that we can get lost for days trying to research what’s best for us. If you really can’t face the whole gym experience, try choosing a ten or twenty minute video that suits your mood. From walking on the spot to full blown aerobics workouts, there is an abundance of choice. Try a few. Find those that suit you and create a playlist.

Naturally yours 🙂

Linda x

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Natural Beauty

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Give the beauty counter a wide berth and go for the natural look. These top ten tips will bring your inner glow to the surface and you’ll positively shimmer with natural beauty.

Ten chapters with ideas and options to love your inner and outer self and to build confidence and strength for your mind, body and spirit.


Chapter One: Positive Energy
Chapter Two: Fruit and Veg
Chapter Three: Have Fun
Chapter Four: Time and Space
Chapter Five: Exercise
Chapter Six: Vigilance
Chapter Seven: Inspiration
Chapter Eight: Good Vibes
Chapter Nine: Learning
Chapter Ten: Love Yourself

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Immune System Boosters

After taking a year off, the flu is apparently coming back this year so time to boost your immune system!

Moderate Exercise
The last thing you probably feel like doing is going for a run when it’s cold and wet. Even getting to a gym is a chore. So, change it up a bit. If you’re not used to exercise, take it slowly. In fact, why not give yourself a challenge. Start whenever it suits you. Maybe when the clocks go back and days are shorter?

Try a few youtube videos that suit your age and health status. Choose one that works for you – i.e. it challenges you but following the exercise doesn’t send you to your bed for the rest of the day! Even if you ‘used to’ do sport or exercise, take it gently at first.

A walk in the fresh air is always a good start if you haven’t been doing any form of exercise recently. Fresh air is a helpful immune system booster.

Keep Hydrated

It’s usually easier to down a pint of water in the summer months than in the winter. I guess we feel the need for warm drinks on a cold winters day.

Try to avoid drinking endless cups of tea and coffee – even if it’s decaf – and go for the occasional lemon water or simply plain boiled (and cooled) warm water.

Place a slice of lemon in a cup and pour on boiling water. Add a sliver of ginger for an extra boost. Leave to steep for a few minutes and enjoy. Experiment with herbal teas or use edible herbs you have in the garden like lemon balm or thyme for example.

Manage Stress
We all know by now that stress really isn’t good for you. A small amount of stress works but us humans have a brain that doesn’t always help us. That darn brain keeps you thinking about the stressful situation until you decide enough is enough – but the moment of realization can sometimes take years.

Simply saying ‘Let it Go’ really doesn’t cut it although I find the quote ‘This too shall pass’ can be very helpful.

Treat yourself to some relaxing techniques; yoga, meditation, a bubble bath, whatever suits you but allow yourself a time of reflection on your levels of stress at least once every day – then do something to reduce it. It may be that balancing stones on top of each other may be relaxing for you or maybe knitting? Needlecrafts are creative and can be practical and very relaxing.

Get Enough Sleep
There are plenty of theories about sleep and how much you should or shouldn’t get. Personally, I believe it’s down to the individual to decide what works for them. We often have busy lifestyles that can affect our sleep patterns.

If you’ve been on the beach all day or out in the garden, the fresh air could easily send you to sleep faster and for a longer time. It really depends on the individual and their lifestyle.

Check in with yourself. If you’re feeling tired or groggy, consider how much sleep you got last night, log it (use your journal if that’s your thing) – and adjust your lifestyle to set a better sleep pattern. It could be that you just need to adjust your caffeine intake or late night cookie consumption … hmm guilty.

Watch the Diet.

Although the health authorities and governments have been pushing a vax, they have also been seriously lacking in helping their citizens boost their immune systems, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rebel and have a go at this ourselves!

There are plenty of foods that will help keep your immue system on top form. Although just looking at pictures won’t cut it. You WILL need to eat the stuff 🙂

Some of the best and well-known foods that could be included in your diet are:


But, do a little research and find the best foods for you. Let’s defy the powers that be and stay healthy this winter with a few natural immune system boosters.

Good Health and Happiness

Linda x

From Fear to Wellbeing

The world seems to be doing permanent somersaults at the moment and, whether you believe in the governments or not, the fear-mongering media has done its job very well and many of us feel confused and don’t have any idea what may be coming next.

My own personal opinion on the control that now exists globally would fill a book so probably best I don’t go there! But what I would like to address is the spiritual and mental instability that is fast becoming a pandemic in itself.

When fear takes over, hope can be mislaid. I struggle to say hope is ‘lost’ because I believe in humanity and I do believe we can come through this and find our strength and courage to grow and live our best lives. The secret is getting a handle on our own personal wellbeing.

But How?

1.Remember you are not alone. If you’re questioning the motives of the big players, don’t feel you have to be compliant. There are many groups you can be a part of who support each other. These types of groups are usually found outside of mainstream media. And conversely, you may be compliant with the government rules but many of your friends aren’t. You need to stand in your own truth either way.

2.Confused? Do some research. When you start researching from your own perspective you’ll find out all sorts of stuff that may not have been clear before. For example are you questioning whether the vaccine is safe and cleared by the governing health authority in your region? Check it out before you get the jab!

3.Put it all aside. Living with all this fear and confusion is overwhelming and exhausting. For your own peace of mind, you need to put it aside as often as possible and do something that brings you pleasure. If lounging in front of the tv is your thing, try switching to netflix and watch a comedy series or a family film instead of being bombarded with negative news all the time. It’s not going away in a hurry so you won’t miss much!

4.Live in your own truth by allowing yourself to be well and happy. That is often easier said than done with todays fast-paced don’t-have-time world. But actually, you do have time. There’s an old Tao or Zen proverb that may ring true:

“If you don’t have 20 minutes to meditate, then you should meditate for an hour”
(this isn’t word for word but you get the idea right?)

20 minutes of meditation can help you to become more efficient in your daily tasks and will allow you to be at one with yourself – in your own truth to be exact!

But it’s not just meditation that can contribute to your well-being.

*Keeping a gratitude journal or just feel the beauty of nature and be grateful for the moment.
*Start a hobby. Is there something you’ve always wanted to have a go at but never quite got around to? Learn to knit or play the guitar, whatever. Think about what you’d like to do – you’re allowed!
*Give yourself a challenge – this can be very empowering and will help you feel good about yourself. It could be a simple 7 day juicing challenge, a personal goal of walking more steps per day or how about eating good foods every day and ditching the junk.

5.Don’t neglect your mental health. All of the above ideas will definitely help to keep you balanced but it’s not easy to keep dark thoughts at bay all the time. The best way to sort this out is to remember your brain isn’t always your best friend and will happily have a party – at your expense – of thoughts that you may have picked up from the news. Tell it to shut up when it does this because you’re just really piling on the fear.

And being ‘in the moment’ will always give you a clearer perspective on the world around you. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a book to read and learn more about the benefits of being in the now. There is only NOW. It has always been ‘now’ and it will always be ‘now’! Fun ay?

When you switch from fear to wellbeing a certain empowerment steals over you and you will feel stronger and more able to deal with the world’s somersaulting events.

To your wellbeing,

Linda x

P.S. If you feel like a bit of mind-empty-ness instead of mind-full-ness, this is a definite must read. (I would recommend watching some of his videos as well!)

The Power of Now

A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment: (20th Anniversary Edition) Eckhart Tolle

“Surrender to the present moment, where problems do not exist. It is here we find our joy, are able to embrace our true selves and discover that we are already complete and perfect.”

The Power of Now