Natural Pharmacy

The natural health and well-being movements have been growing steadily as we are all realizing the benefits of living with nature rather than against it. There ‘s a natural pharmacy to be found all around us.

While I appreciate the amazing medical breakthroughs and necessary pharmaceutical drugs we have available now, I am also a great believer in looking to nature for a few remedies here and there. Especially since the big pharma stand to increase their profits by billions due to the so-called pandemic and their vaccination rollout.

I could rant on about that all day but for a little calm and peace 🙂 let’s check out just a few of the herbs that we can grow at home….

NB: Please don’t self-medicate unless you’re 100% certain you have the right plants and that their consumption won’t interfere with any prescribed medication or allergies.


Culinary: Perhaps the most common use of basil today is its addition to tomato dishes and many people refer to it as the tomato herb.
Medicinal: Basil belongs to the same family of plants as mint and is considered to be a good digestive aid. Herbalists use it to help cure headaches, constipation and sickness.
Cosmetic: It has also been used cosmetically to add shine to dull hair.
Growing Tip: Position basil plants with peppers and tomato plants and they will enhance each other’s growth.

►A small cup of basil tea after a meal aids digestion.


Culinary: Add bay leaves to stews and casseroles.
Medicinal: Bay is known to have powerful antiseptic qualities. A traditional folk remedy for rashes caused by poison ivy, poison oak, and stinging nettle is a poultice soaked in boiled bay leaves
Cosmetic: Not really cosmetic but laurel was, for many centuries considered to be a symbol of success/prosperity.
Growing Tip: Bay trees will grow up to 15m if they are left to their own devices! Grow in large pots and containers. They need very little maintenance.


Culinary: a nutritious and useful vegetable, it will also double up as a herb. The stems can be eaten fresh or cooked and they make delicious soup. Leaves can be added to soups and salads for flavouring.
Medicinal: Celery is used in Ayurvedic medicine for bronchial problems, including asthma, wind and as a nerve tonic. Seed sold for cultivation shouldn’t be used medicinally.
Growing Tip: Some types of celery are best grown in trenches so the plants may be earthed up later in the year, although many varieties will successfully grow on flat ground. Either way choose a sunny spot.

►Growing celery at home means you can make wonderful soups without going shopping. Wholesome, heart-warming and very nutritious. (And, I’ve heard it’s been used as an aphrodisiac!!)


Culinary: Recipe idea: Chamomile tea is widely drunk as a mild sedative
Medicinal: Chamomile has mild sedative properties and has, for many years, been made into a soothing and calming tea. It aids digestion and alleviates symptoms of the common cold.
Cosmetic: Chamomile is also used in cosmetic preparations including hair lighteners and shampoos.
Growing Tip: Chamomile, like most herbs, will be better left to its own devices most of the time. It is also a good companion plant as it tends to repel bugs.
►Chamomile has been found useful for reducing joint inflammation such as arthritis and easing menstrual cramps

Amazing ay?!! And these are just four out of hundreds of herbs that exist on our planet just waiting to help us. Start growing your natural pharmacy today! (quick download Herb Books here)

Peace and good health.

Linda x


I grabbed this text from my newly updated Healthy Body Hacks download listed here if you’d like to read more.

Is the Universe Friendly?

Having spent many years studying the teachings of such wonderful people as Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks and others, there seems to be a general underlying agreement with Einstein’s theory that we only ever have to ask ourselves whether the Universe is friendly or unfriendly.

Absolutely! Couldn’t agree more….. but hang on, what if the Universe decides to have a hissy fit and throws us all into an undecided state ….

well, maybe it’s not the Universe’s fault. I mean, who are we to blame a power greater than we can imagine.

But when the outside world just isn’t behaving itself as we’d planned, our inner world can suffer indecision, anxiety, stress and depression. And, before we know it, suddenly the Universe just doesn’t seem as friendly anymore.

In the midst of a world pandemic, theories, conspiracy and otherwise, emerge from many directions. Politics takes centre stage alongside alarming figures of infection, health care and sadly tragic death tolls.

Let’s step back for a moment..

Just about every great visionary or spiritual teacher that has ever lived has shared basic truths such as:

love, kindness, compassion and gratitude.

And these qualities are found within, in our inner world. There aren’t any supermarkets that sell packets of compassion, as far as I know 🙂

But when you’re struggling with finances, sickness, bereavement or isolation, love, kindness, compassion and even gratitude can seem a long way from your current reality.

Unfortunately, though, believing the Universe isn’t friendly perpetuates those feelings of anxiety. The answer?

Give yourself a break

We are human beings, arguably the most complex of all nature’s creations.

And with that complexity comes the ability to question. We question everything, from whether or not the Universe is friendly to whether the cat likes the new flavour pet food.

You don’t have to be kind, loving, compassionate or express gratitude with every other sentient being on the planet in this red-hot minute. Start with YOU. Be kind to you, love yourself and stop beating yourself up for all the things you have or haven’t done.

Easier said than done right?

Meditation comes top of my list when I want (or need) to get grounded again, but there are many triggers that we can use to flip our thoughts from self-destruct mode to a healthier way of thinking and therefore believing. A belief, after all, is just a thought you keep thinking.

Look out of the window. Appreciate and even study what you see:
the sky – whatever the colour
clouds – their shapes and movement
trees and plants – the magnificence of nature!
buildings – how they were built and when
the weather – it’s power and beauty

Look into the Mirror. Appreciate and love what you see:
Really look into your eyes and declare your love for yourself – this isn’t easy for many of us – but keep trying. The breakthrough when it comes is empowering.
Look at your body and appreciate all of us are different. There are billions of us and YOU are unique – WOW ay?!

Eliminate the shoulda coulda woulda syndrome. You have a right to enjoy your life. Maybe everything outside of you has turned on its head but maybe you’d prefer to do a jigsaw puzzle rather than the washing up right now. And if you really feel you want to do the washing up right now, enjoy the moment. Feel the warm water on your skin, appreciate the clean dishes and the tidy kitchen.

A Ted Talk I watched recently helped me realise actually yes I CAN draw! So now I’m doodling cartoon characters all over the place 🙂

Creativity has been the predominant factor in the evolving of the human race. Get that creative hat on and find your loves, passions and hidden talents and enjoy as many moments as you can.

Start today, not tomorrow morning. Right NOW! We wake up with the same thoughts as we had the day before because our brains don’t really want change. That makes it harder to kickstart the new diet or plan you promised yourself yesterday afternoon. Start now and you’ll trigger a few different neuro-pathways.

And suddenly the hissy fit doesn’t matter anymore because yes, the Universe IS friendly.

Stay Safe,

Linda x

P.S. This book was written more than a decade ago and it’s nearly always on my bedside table! Love Eckhart 🙂

A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” will be a cornerstone for personal spirituality and self-improvement for years to come, leading readers to a new levels of consciousness and inner peace.

Protect your Well-Being

Protecting our own well-being in this crazy world we live in isn’t always easy, but there are things we can do to give ourselves a feel-good boost.

Fresh Air

If you can possibly get a little – or a lot – of fresh air every day, it will help blow away the cobwebs and present a chance to be grateful for our natural world – and the natural world could really do with some gratitude and positive energy right now.

If you have a garden, pop out and engage your five senses for a few moments.

  • Look at the plants, the shape and design of your outside space and maybe plan to grow new plants or build a rockery.
  • Listen to the music of nature. If you live on a busy road (as I do) appreciate the seconds of silence between passing cars and lorries.
  • Smell the plants and, if you have a few herbs, plan on putting some in tonight’s dinner
  • Get in touch with textures – the soft petals or leaves, the hard rock etc;
  • And if at all possible, taste a late fruiting raspberry or a leaf from a lemon verbena plant

If you haven’t any outdoor space, it’s possible your senses could be just as stimulated in the park or on a woodland walk perhaps.

And when it’s just impossible to get outdoors because of the weather or physical issues, plan to spend some time indoors…

Indoor Projects

Aside from decluttering, cleaning like a crazy person and cooking fabulous meals for the family, there are plenty of projects that can inspire and protect your mental well-being as well as your physical state.

Have you been working 9-5 for years and rewarded yourself with weekends of entertaining or simply slobbing out in front of Netflix? Staying home all week can really mess with your mental well-being but it’s time to think outside the 9-5 box. Is there a hobby or a course you’ve wanted to undertake for ages but never found the time or energy for?

Maybe you promised yourself a yoga course but now all the gyms are closed? Not a problem. There are lots of yoga and exercise teachers online who’ve stepped up to the technology challenge and provide online classes. Not as interactive as a local class, but certainly the next best thing. My youngest daughter has spent many years learning healing techniques and is a qualified yoga teacher – I missed her during those months she spent in India and now she’s based in France we have the lockdown barrier to contend with….

Anyway, get online and support a small business near you by taking up a yoga or exercise course. Check out Lucy Lou Yoga and see what you could be doing to protect your well-being – Lucy is passionate about helping people heal and regularly posts some helpful tips.

And apart from exercise and physical stuff, there are probably hundreds of new skills you could learn. Learning sharpens the mind and helps keep you on a positive track. Doing nothing tends to drag us down in despair especially at this time when we can feel so powerless. I recently taught myself to crochet – thanks to youtube! – and have been creating all sorts of weird and wonderful things – some good enough for my Etsy shop, others good enough to be unraveled! So how about learning to:

-Play an instrument – is there a guitar lurking in the attic you’ve been meaning to play with? Or even a recorder (school memories here) can inspire you to make music.

-Or learn a needlecraft skill – knitting, dressmaking, crocheting, embroidery etc; Make a gift for a family member or friend. A homemade gift is always appreciated and covers so many areas of our well-being – inspiration, creativity, motivation, gratitude etc;

-Try out some traditional skills like basket-making, wood carving or macrame or get really super good at creating nourishing healthy meals.

-Can you draw? Create greetings cards or sketch portraits of family members or pets. Draw and paint with the kids. Hang up colourful ‘masterpieces’ around the house to brighten everyone’s day. I always thought I couldn’t draw, then I watched a Ted talk and created some fun cartoon pictures.

-Are you a budding writer? Give yourself some time to get your thoughts down. This could be journaling, writing poetry, creating beautiful words for your greetings cards or get really serious and write that book!

I’m going to stop here because I can ramble on for hours about this stuff. Protecting your well-being is something I’ve always been passionate about, although I can admit that I haven’t always been nice to me… working on it though!

Before I sign off, there is another aspect to all this that may inspire you further.

After I’d practiced loads, my crochet gifts were good enough to share and I put them in my Etsy shop alongside the healthy living downloads and knitting patterns.

Turning your hobby into a business is possible and may help financially as well as mentally and physically. I’m not an expert in marketing but if you can get good at that, there’s no reason you couldn’t turn your hobby into a thriving business and ditch the 9-5 altogether 🙂

Stay safe and protect your well-being

Linda x

P.S. Just a quick note here – Etsy is huge and algorithm learning seems to be a big part of making a success of your shop. Have a look at local platforms first. Another of my enterprising daughters has just launched a platform for UK sellers – Jodie at Home of The Mall – UK only because they want to be able to showcase the delightful products their members create without getting lost in the millions of products on Etsy. Next thing on my to-do list!

The New Normal?


I watched an old episode of QI last night and they were talking about average sizes and demographics. After surveying thousands of women in Australia, an ‘average’ person was deduced – hair colour, children’s ages, home owner etc; – the list was fairly long 🙂 and when they looked for this ‘average’ person, they couldn’t find her. Apparently an average person doesn’t exist.

Well, if there’s no such thing as an average person, is there really any chance of discovering what is ‘normal’?

There’s been loads of talk about nature being more ‘present’ since people stopped getting in its way, and the ozone layer healing because there are less vehicles on the road. How much of this is 100% true is, of course, debatable. But we all lean on the hope that we are slowly healing our planet.

There’s been a huge divide between rich and poor for decades and those workers on the front lines have been continuously denied a decent wage, but the selflessness of those heroic folk on the front lines is now being recognized and applauded.

My hope is that humanity and humans as a species grow from this experience, spiritually, mentally and physically – although no growing sideways please!

When we hear folk moaning about being ‘stuck’ at home, it’s hard not to drop in a comment about homeless families, abuse victims and lonely folk who may be dealing with physical and/or mental issues. I resist because I do believe that what we give our attention to will grow so I only comment on positive stuff. It’s really quite tough sometimes though. I’ve had first hand experience with some of the issues mentioned and my ego often jumps in and wants to berate the moaners … BUT ….

That’s counter-productive because they really don’t know any different and showing what can be done is always more effective than telling.

So what is the new normal? Nobody knows for sure – we can speculate and opinionate but a pandemic on the scale we are currently experiencing is incomparable. Yes, a hundred years ago we had one, but life was different then – not saying better or worse – but certainly different.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a nugget of hope in all the confusion – the hope that helps us evolve as a species, the hope that respects nature and our fellow humans. My word for this is love. Loving and practicing gratitude everyday sends out joyful and positive energy to the universe which swirls it all around and deposits those good feelings at random spots. (The butterfly’s wings causing a ripple around the earth.)

I try and incorporate these five practices as far as I can and as often as I can.

Stop to smell the roses
Feel the gratitude
Learn something new
Help someone
Love and care for all sentient beings.

Any of these practiced during a day will bring a feeling of joy and abundance to ourselves and the Universe as a whole. I guess the challenge is getting billions of us feeling like that always…. 🙂

Stay Safe and may the force of love be with you.
Linda x

Uplifting Quotes


We can all benefit from a few uplifting quotes now and then, especially now. I’ve been taking lots of photos of my garden which I am so grateful for. But then when I started looking on Pixabay for some good images, I realized there are a whole bunch of photographers out there who are soooo much more professional than me.

So, I’ve been putting some images with some relatable quotes and popped twelve of them in my latest printable at Etsy.

I’ve also duplicated the quotes for an alternative to heavy printer ink consumption! Those pages have a simple apple blossom design.
I have a whole list of printables to create and they’re all going to be on sale at the lowest price possible for the foreseeable future, so when you have a minute, pop over to Etsy and have a look around. Any requests gladly considered 🙂
Before I sign off, one of my favourite quotes of all time is:
“You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing” George Bernard Shaw
That suits me just fine! And ‘playing’ doesn’t have to be taken literally, especially if your chosen sport or hobby involves close contact with others. ‘Playing’ means having fun, enjoying yourself, having a little quality ‘me’ time so don’t forget to keep playing!

Stay Safe
Linda x
P.S. The downloadable printables are in my pennywise collection and come out at £1.20 (UK) but are, of course, downloadable from practically anywhere.

Time to Think


This is for all of us who are forced into lockdown and can’t work from home.

We all have 24 hours in every day – that’s 1440 minutes – and although we could allow 8 of those hours to sleep, there’s still 960 minutes to play with. 960!

(If you need to deduct 8 hours of work time, that brings us down to 480 minutes per day – every day)

One thing about time is that once it’s gone, it’s gone. When you reflect on your past and life experiences, it’s incredible where the time really went.

So, what are you doing with your 960 minutes per day? Obviously there are chores to be done, but they can take up surprisingly little time, especially if you delegate here and there!

Don’t feel bad about treating yourself to some me time – why not? How often have you said ‘Oh if only I had time to meditate, begin a yoga practice or perhaps start your own business’?

Being thrown out of your routine can be challenging, but there’s no reason why you can’t create your own.

If you decide you’re going to de-clutter or spring clean your home, or get the garden ready for planting, don’t try to fit it all in one day.

When you only have evenings and weekends to do these chores, they tend to be just that, chores. But at this particular time in history, you can spread your wings and your workload and enjoy the moments rather than stressing about getting it all done before Monday morning rolls around again.

So, grab a pen, a notepad and a cuppa and indulge in some thinking time!

Before you start jotting down ideas, remember to incorporate all major areas of your life; well-being and nutrition, children and family, home and garden and of course some quality ‘me’ time. Here are a few Well-Being and Nutrition ideas….


(Photo from Lucy Lou Yoga)

1. Start an online yoga practice. There are lots of them. Check out a few youtube videos before you start and choose a routine that suits you right now – not one that you aspire to that could take you months to achieve. That can be counter-productive as it’s easier to give up.

Choose a routine that will challenge you a little but doesn’t feel like a chore. After all, your well-being is top priority right now. If you’ve never done it before, always start with a beginner class. Get the kids involved. Many schools started yoga and meditation sessions and children adapt really well to yoga.
I’ve started learning how to breathe with yoga practices – it’s amazing just how much well-being is related to breathing properly.


2. Or an exercise routine to keep you moving. Same rules apply as choosing a yoga practice. Just because you are under forty, or whatever, doesn’t necessarily mean you can do 100 sit-ups and a high-impact aerobics workout. Be aware of your limitations, push them a little but always treat yourself nicely.

And if you don’t have much space at home, allow for that as well. Don’t start leaping about if you are close to table corners for example. Safety must come first.

What about dance? Learn how to jive with your partner if you’re both at home – again though, give yourselves lots of safe space.


3. Well-being should also include plenty of mental and spiritual time. Get into meditating! There’s an ancient Zen saying that rings very true: “If you don’t have 20 minutes a day to meditate, you should be meditating for an hour” – not word for word but you get the idea. 😊. Again, youtube to the rescue here. There are probably thousands of different guided meditations you can use to get you started.

Or if you prefer, sit quietly and comfortably in a peaceful place and allow thoughts to come and go as they will. But to keep on track I would suggest a mantra. There’s a reason that yogis chant ‘ohm’- choose your own mantra that suits you. Make it a peaceful one though. Don’t sit quietly and start chanting ‘I need some money, I need some money, over and over again. Totally counter-productive.

Choose from mantras online – Google ‘yoga mantras’ and see what comes up. If you don’t feel you have the space or inclination to do a full 20minute meditation, be aware of moments during the day. Meditation moments are just as helpful.

When you’re washing up, or washing your hands, be present in the now and enjoy the feel of warm water and clean hands or dishes. Just a few seconds or a minute or two of returning to the moment rather than reflecting on past woes or future worries will help you feel connected and at peace.


4. Your mental health may be taking a knock at the moment and the above well-being tactics will help you settle your worries. Also a little learning can go a long way. How about learning a language or taking an online course? There are courses in just about everything and many of them you can grab for free or for a small outlay. Check reviews and previews before you buy to make sure it will suit you.

And it doesn’t have to be ‘academic’ – maybe you’d like to learn how to knit or how to draw cartoons? Or play the guitar? Give yourself a little time here and think about all those moments you’ve said ‘I wish I had time to…..’ – well, now you do!

Obviously, learning to drive or taking flying lessons may not be possible right now but there are hundreds of hobbies and pastimes you could indulge in. And, as a side note, many small businesses have been started because someone’s hobby suddenly took off!


5. Nutrition counts. Educating yourself about food is eye-opening. Do a little experiment for yourself: Jot down everything you ate or drank in a day then take a look at the actual ingredients and, I’m tempted to say components, when it comes to some of the fast-foods we often have in the freezer. Are you really taking in enough nutrients to keep your body healthy?

Check out immune system boosting foods and put them on your shopping list. Avoid fast-foods as far as possible and research some easy recipes – there are thousands upon thousands online. Choose gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free or sugar-free recipes. Whatever suits you and your family.

Allow yourself some of those 960 minutes to brainstorm some ideas. Do it as a family or couple if you’re sharing your space with others. Either way, the goal is to stay sane, and hopefully grow through this unprecedented time.

Stay safe,

Linda x

P.S. Another book going on my wish list!

The Well Being Journal

A journal designed to help you explore your inner world. Creativity and reflection can have a powerful, positive influence on our lives.



Thanks to mobile phones and social media channels, we can all keep connected pretty much all the time if we choose to. Of course, we know there are downsides, but treating your own well-being as priority, should help you drag yourself away from the latest horror stories after a period of time. Try to check in to the news just two or three times a day, or less,  but only for 10-15 minute bursts.

We don’t need to know everything. We can google all sorts of theories and conspiracies until the cows come home (?) but that’s your choice. And, where are you going with it? If you’re creating a future book or a personal journal of pandemic events, then fine, but don’t get lost in cyber space too often!

Other forms of connection are showing up all the time. One of my daughters and her partner created several funny short and distorted videos a couple of weeks ago which brought many smiles and belly laughs! Another of my daughters (a yoga teacher) has just made a short video of how she has found more confidence in herself simply by creating a video and some online yoga training. These connections mean so much and reach many people.

Acts of kindness are springing up all over the place and it’s heart-warming to know that not the entire human species are a bunch of idiots. 🙂

Recently, in a need-to-sort-everything-out moment, I found some poetry I’d written and on the same day discovered it’s poetry month and saw a post by Elizabeth Gilbert encouraging people to post poems. Thank you Universe!

So that’s what I did! I would never have dreamed of doing this before but I had a lovely comment on instagram from Elizabeth Gilbert herself ( 🙂 ) so I thought I’d share it with you here. But before I sign off, this is the time to be thinking outside the box, even if you’re physically inside one….


(This was my excuse for not learning to swim!)

Keep safe and well,
Linda x

P.S. If you’re connecting with your garden, there are pots of gardening tips posted here

Washing Up


When there are more people in the house all day, inevitably more washing up accumulates. Rather than running the dishwasher more times, try doing the washing up the old-fashioned way – you know – sink, water etc;!

Dishwasher detergents can be costly and the electricity consumption fairly high with these long cycle machines. Washing machines are priceless when you have a family. I’ve washed by hand for a few years for six of us and a washing machine was like a dream come true. But washing up the dishes?

It’s quite therapeutic to stand at the sink washing up. Time for a meditative pause in the day or a few minutes of focused thought. Make it make a family affair and if anyone moans about it, try explaining that if they didn’t use a clean cup from the cupboard every single time, but rinsed out their used cup and re-filled it, then there would be less washing up.

Teaching some life lessons, meditation moments, working out problems and some quality family time – all from ignoring the dishwasher and getting your hands wet 🙂

Keep well and as sane as possible!

Linda x

Go Wild


….with a wild flower bath tonic

Collect some or all of these regular garden wild flowers, in any combination, for a super tonic to relax in the bath with.

NB: Don’t do this if you have plant allergies.

· lawn daisies ( flowers )
· dandelions ( flowers and leaves )
· nettles ( young leaves )
· blackberry / bramble ( leaves )

Crush your flowers and leaves together and place in a 20cm. square of muslin. Bring up the edges to form a bag and tie securely. Add a loop of string to hang over the hot water tap/fawcett. Let the hot water run through the herb bag. Lie back and enjoy.


Linda x

P.S. Many herbs can be used in the bath. Check out the herb downloads here – step by step guides to getting it right!

Goals and Dreams

dreamsandgoals-pinWow, another decade!

I have loads of plans for the coming year – probably too many but I decided to incorporate personal stuff in my goals and schedules this time round. I tend to have vague goals and intentions about my own well-being but this year I’m going for it!

One thing to remember about resolutions and goal setting is that we all tend to over-estimate what we can do in a year but under estimate what we can do in two or more years.

Whether you’re planning on……

losing weight, getting fit, eating well, starting a yoga practise, launching your own business or growing your own food… or a happy mix of all of the above 🙂

..…..take a little time now to draw up a schedule – work out what has to be done daily, weekly, monthly and fill in your calendar or journal – I’ve created a folder specifically for my goals this year.

I started by listing all the things I want to achieve and then breaking them down into doable steps and fitting them in around the stuff that has to be done. Remember to be realistic if you take this approach. If you give yourself too much to do and don’t consider the time it takes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose heart in your dreams and aspirations – there are only 24 hours in a day and you have to eat and sleep!

Be easy on yourself and you’ll find you get more done. We know that 20 minutes of meditation daily results in an hour’s worth of productivity. If that works for you, factor it in to your schedule now. But if it becomes a chore, change your approach. Meditation moments throughout the day are just as beneficial.

Setting goals is important to help us grow and achieve our desires but those goals must be realistic. When we emphatically declare that we are going to lose 3 kilos by the end of the month, the underlying feeling of denying ourselves can rear its ugly head and before we know it, we ‘treat’ ourselves to a donut and a latte. Ouch.

Maybe scale it down. Be happy to lose 1 or 2 kilos.

Have you been longing to launch your own business, but can’t give up the day job yet? Difficult because, again, there are only so many hours in a day. If that’s you, baby steps are a must. Even if you just grab a couple of hours at the weekend or in the evenings, a strategic approach will move your plans forward. You may have to brush up on how to create a business plan first. That’s okay. It’s all part of the process.

Be specific. If you start the year with a vague resolution such as ‘I’m giving up the day job this year’, unless you work out the alternatives and create a loose or fixed plan, it won’t happen. However much we may or may not believe in the monetary system, it’s necessary to survive, so if you have a wage, you won’t want to give it up until you’ve secured an alternate source of income.

One of my goals this year is to learn Portuguese. It’s a challenging language to learn and I may never live in Portugal to exercise my skills but I enjoy languages and I find the learning process helps me overcome feelings of unworthiness or lack of confidence. There is always an up-side to doing something you love!

Happy 2020 everyone. Wishing you peace, love and happiness now and always.

Linda x