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beansproutsGrowing Beansprouts
Growing beansprouts isn’t a new age veggie thing – the Chinese have been growing and eating beansprouts for thousands of years.

Growing Beansprouts


Grow your own PeppersPeppers hot and sweet
There are many different varieties of peppers. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes. However, there are two main types:

Peppers Hot & Sweet


Potatoes are so common in the western diet that we imagine they’ve been around forever. But although evidence suggests potatoes were used around 500BC, the potato had a bad reputation for many centuries and was thought by some cultures to be an evil vegetable. Potatoes


Wild strawberries can still be found in some unspoiled areas – often in light woodland. However, wild strawberries tend to be smaller and not nearly as sweet as the hybrid varieties we grow today.



Onionsa chef'sdelight!Onions a Chef’s Delight
Onions have been hard to date by archaeologists, but it’s generally thought that onions have been eaten since prehistoric times and have been cultivated for at least 5000 years.

Onions a Chef’s Delight


Loving LemonsLoving Lemons
In an attempt to reduce my caffeine intake, I’ve started enjoying lemon, ginger and honey.. it really is delicious – and healthy!

Loving Lemons


healthylivingtips7 Healthy Eating Tips
Tune into the healthy body you deserve. These 7 simple tips can be included in your daily routine with very little effort but will bring huge benefits to you and your family.

7 Healthy Eating Tips


All leafy green vegetables contain quantities of vitamin C and lettuce is no exception. Picking it fresh is even better! Lettuce also contains vitamin A and folate, some varieties may have mild sedative properties. Lettuce


Eat zucchini young and unpeeled for maximum effect. They are full of good vitamins. The seeds are also beneficial.



BroccoliBroccoli, Grow it, Eat it
Broccoli has its roots in ancient times, although it wasn’t cultivated for home use until around the 1600’s. The broccoli we know and love today started its commercial journey about a century ago.

Broccoli Grow it, Eat it


Blackcurrants are one of the world’s most commercially grown crops and have been picked in the wild since medieval times when they were also used as a medicinal herb. It wasn’t until the 19th and 20th centuries that research uncovered just how vitamin packed blackcurrants are! Blackcurrants


One of my favourite childhood memories is of gathering enough blackberries to make a blackberry and apple crumble – the best dessert in the world!



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