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Promise Yourself7Promise Yourself

These uplifting words from a poem by Christian D. Larson deserve a place in our hearts .. and scattered around the house! Download this free printable pdf which includes the whole poem and 12 separate you can print now and spread the word 🙂

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website-egg recipes



Easy Egg Recipes

This book has over 30 egg recipe ideas, including breakfasts, main meals and desserts. Starting with boiled eggs and drifting into other fascinating egg delights, including a traditional Victoria Sponge Cake recipe!

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Vintage Salads

Thirty salads from a book published in 1885!

Try them out 🙂

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Easy FREE knitting pattern


Happy Halloween Spider

This easy knitting pattern is free and takes only a little yarn and hardly any time to make!

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Family First

Family First

If you are longing to spend more time with your family but can’t see a way round the whole 9-5 thing, download this free ‘Family First’ report – you may just find a way to fire your boss!

This two part report is designed to shock then delight you!

In the first part we highlight the reasons why you might be a lot better off not having that J.O.B.
And in the second part some ideas to inspire you to live a more abundant lifestyle. Family First Download


potato recipes -smaller


Easy Potato Recipes

There are 31 potato recipe ideas in this handy little ebook, and the variations are endless!

There’s one recipe to a page – apart from a few that stretch over two pages – so you can print them out individually and get food on the printed pages rather than your laptop or phone!

Easy Potato Recipes Download


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