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organicgardening-pinOrganic Gardening

Organic gardening was the way of the past and hopefully it will be the way of the future, as we learn more about the damage we are causing to our environment. Organic Gardening


MyGarden-bookcoverMy Garden Journal
When I first started gardening, it was chaos. I always seemed to forget when I sowed seeds or planted out seedlings, which meant inevitably I missed a crucial element in getting the best from my crops. So, I finally realised it was a good idea to keep notes. 🙂

My Garden Journal

kidsgardening-pinKid’s Gardening
Where to begin: I guess the first step is to create the interest – if it’s not already there. Find something that will appeal to your child’s nature. You will know whether the idea of: bugs lurking in the cabbages, digging holes, or …. Kid’s Gardening



10EasySteps-pin10 easy steps to Happy Gardening!
Preparation is the best way to get the most out of your garden. These ten easy steps will help you get the most from your garden without the headache.

10 Easy Steps to Happy Gardening!


GardenSpeaks-pinGarden Speaks
Many gardening proverbs, quotes and sayings relate to everyday living. I guess it all dates back to when we were obliged to grow our own vegetables or we didn’t eat….now THERE’S a thought!

Garden Speaks


GardenSupplies-pinGarden Supplies
You don’t always land up with the garden supplies you wanted. A shed full of expensive garden ‘stuff’ that no-one’s ever going to use is easily acquired… The best way to a home-cooked meal is a well-stocked kitchen, and the best way to home-grown crops is a well-stocked shed full of gear you CAN use. Garden Supplies


GardenWaterFeatures-pinGarden Water Features
Something to consider while planning your outdoor space this year. Creating a water feature in your own space is both exhilarating and calming….. and excellent feng shui!

Garden Water Features


gardeningnow-pinGardening Now
Quite a few years ago I ran a very popular gardening website – I even had an email list!
For various reasons, I had to give it up, but my passion for plants and all things gardening never went away so, drum roll please, I’m doing it once more 🙂 Gardening Now


forestgardeningForest Gardening
Over the past few weeks I’ve been on a couple of Forest Garden tours run by Martin Crawford of the Agroforestry Research Trust – Honestly, this man knows his stuff! …

Forest Gardening


Indoor hydroponic gardening, or hydroponics as it’s commonly known, has had a bad press over the past few years, due to illegal plants being grown away from watchful eyes and extending the growing season indefinitely. So let’s lay the bad press to rest and find out what all the fuss is really about….. Hydroponics


beesandflowers-pinBees and Flowers
Bees are at risk at the moment and we really need to encourage these wonderful creatures to our gardens and parks. One of the problems with bees is that some humans get really freaked out by them because they have a sting. But… Bees and Flowers


pinkloveliness-pinPink Loveliness
These beautiful clematis flowers bloomed after just a couple of days of Cornish sunshine. I couldn’t remember what they were called – and I call myself a gardener, tut tut!

Pink Loveliness


healthyhomehobby-pinterestGardening For Health
In the past few months I’ve been kind of ‘on the road’ but settling nicely into my new house and thought it was about time I started blogging again! Maybe I’ll write about my exploits another day but for now, having my own garden reminded me of all the wonderful health benefits of gardening  🙂  Gardening for Health


dietpots-pinterestDiet Pots
The most important step to having a healthy body is to eat healthy food. What better way than to grow your own diet in a pot.

Diet Pots


Butterfly Gardens-pinCreating Butterfly Gardens
Butterfly gardens are featuring more and more in regular backyard gardens. Growing beautiful flowers to attract butterflies is an added bonus. Scroll down the page to see what I mean! Creating Butterfly Gardens


sunflowers-pin40 Million Years of Flowers
Did you know that sunflowers have been around for 40 million years? (humans are only about 100,000 years old) Reasons to grow a few this year:

40 Million Years of Flowers


Ten TipsforTop CropsTen Tips for Top Crops
Growing your own food is one of the most satisfying and nourishing hobbies you could undertake. But if you’ve never done it, these ten top tips could help you get the most from your crops..

Ten Tips for Top Crops


Gardening in AugustGardening in August
At this time of year, there should be tons of crops available. Remember to pick them, oh, and eat them of course. If you have too many, give them away or swap with other growers, or if possible freeze a few for later in the year. Gardening in August


gardenplans-pinGarden Plans
Make your garden plans before you dig your holes! “If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail”….
..well, ye-es, BUT sometimes we go overboard with our planning and when it comes to the garden, we can let nature take it’s course sometimes, if we ‘keep an eye on it’ 🙂 Garden Plans


thenaturalgarden-pinThe Natural Garden
Be at one with nature…A natural garden encourages birds, bees and butterflies – and frogs, toads and lizards to a friendly environment. Letting a garden go back to nature doesn’t always achieve this result. Sometimes nature needs a little help….. The Natural Garden




Perfect Tomatoes

There’s really nothing like the taste of a home-grown tomato and if you’re growing some this year, give your plants the best chance of producing perfect tomatoes. Here are a few solutions to some common problems. Perfect Tomatoes


growingwildflowers-pinGrowing Wildflowers
Growing wildflowers at home is becoming more and more popular while we encourage wildlife to our gardens. Wildflowers are perfect to use for all sorts of things.

Growing Wildflowers


Growinggourds-pinGrowing Gourds
Growing gourds is a fun project from start to finish! Ask around to see if anyone’s been saving their seeds. Often when we save seeds, we land up with hundreds so you may find someone willing to share their supply…. Growing Gourds


GrowingHazelnuts-pinGrowing Hazelnuts
Growing nuts in your garden provides the family with good fats and loads of nourishing vitamins and minerals. However, it isn’t always wise to grow huge trees near the house so a solution is at hand! Nature usually provides for our needs and hazels are perfect for an average sized garden. Growing Hazelnuts


GrowingApplesandPears-pinterestGrowing Apples and Pears
I’ve been having a bit of a tec-detox recently but now it’s that time again – Spring just around the corner bringing with it some blue skies and sunshine we hope.

Growing Apples & Pears


Babylettuces-pinBaby Lettuces
Lettuce seedlings are best re-potted as they gain a lot of strength in their early stages of growth and you want to plant out tiny lettuces rather than seedlings with only one or two leaves.

Baby Lettuces


Growing RaspberriesGrowing Raspberries
Because raspberries are a soft fruit, they don’t travel well and are therefore often expensive to buy – A good reason to grow this delicious and healthy fruit at home.

Growing Raspberries


applesandpearsblogApples and Pears
There are thousands of different cultivars of apple and pears. Generally the best ones to grow at home are those already growing in your region. It’s sometimes worth trying something special but best do the research first so you know how to care for your tree before you start. Apples and Pears


10 Edible FlowersTen Edible flowers
There are hundreds of edible flowers you can grow in your garden. However, you must be 110% sure they’re edible before you eat them!

Ten Edible Flowers


growingmushroomsGrowing Mushrooms
Growing mushrooms at home is very do-able, with the right growing conditions, to produce a bumper crop. Fungi are just as nutritious as vegetables and don’t have to be treated as a luxury crop.

Growing Mushrooms


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