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healingplants-aloevera10 Awesome Facts about Aloe Vera!
Aloe vera has been widely used as a medicinal plant for centuries and in the last decade or so, we westerners have finally proved it’s value beyond any doubt.

10 Awesome Facts about Aloe Vera!


Just Basil pinJust Basil
Basil has that gorgeous smell of summer and can and should be added to your meals every day – unless you have an allergy, then definitely ignore that!

Just Basil


Borage was always believed to be the herb of courage and was given to soldiers before going into battle. Hmm, could do with a little courage at the moment! As well as courage, the herb bestows a general good feeling and…. Borage


Any of us who have ever dabbled in herbal teas will have heard of chamomile. But do we know any more about this wonderful herb than the brand we usually buy? Ouch! Here are a few reasons to grow some of your own…. Chamomile


Chervil is in the same family as carrots and is similar to parsley. There are two main varieties, one with flat and one with curly leaves.



Chives are easy to grow and produce purple or white edible flowers that can be used to garnish a meal, or dried and used in a flower arrangement. The bright green leaves are used in the kitchen and their delicate onion flavour enhances any meal. Chives


GrowingComfrey-pinGrowing Comfrey
Humans have been growing comfrey as a healing herb for more than 2000 years, as I myself have (for slightly less than 2000 years though!). Comfrey is still used in external preparations to heal wounds.

Growing Comfrey


Daisy Love!Daisy Love
The common daisy has been the subject of many myths and legends over the centuries and has been part of the landscape for as long as records can be traced.

Daisy Love


Echinacea-pinGrowing Echinacea
Growing echinacea ( purple coneflowers ) in your garden could help fight those stubborn colds, and a whole host of other things. There’s still tons of research and heaps of trials to be done before the final results, but so far echinacea is living up to it’s fame. Growing Echinacea


Vampiresbegone-pinVampires Begone!
Garlic has so many myths and legends attached to it they would probably fill a whole book, although we do know for sure that it keeps vampires away, so for that reason alone we should definitely grow some! Vampires Begone


Lavender is probably one of the most well-known herbs and is grown practically all over the world. It’s been used for centuries as a medicinal herb and at one time in history it was used to flavour food because it was believed to help calm the stomach. Lavender


I really thought I’d killed this poor plant, but here we are… looks like the birds may have had a bite or two but hopefully its hardiness will see it through… I’ve vowed to be nicer to my plants from now on and watch out for crazy weather forecasts 🙂 Lovage


parsleypower-pinParsley Power
Parsley is one of the best known herbs, but strangely probably one of the most under-used ones. It is generally used as a garnish and left on the side of the plate which is a shame because parsley is.. Parsley Power





Saffron, at the time of writing, is probably the most expensive spice known to mankind.  Only a small amount is used at a time so this is a good reason to grow some yourself. Saffron


tasteofthyme-pinTaste of Thyme
There is no shortage of myths and legends attached to the herb, including an idea that if a woman wore a sprig of thyme in her hair she would attract her true love. There are many others, a lot of them based around romance and love. Taste of Thyme


AWorldofHerbs-pinA world of Herbs
Herbs hold some wonderful secrets that we can share if we venture into their world for a moment. My favourite herb of the moment is Aloe Vera. Not a culinary herb perhaps but the benefits of aloe vera are enormous. A World of Herbs


magicofweedsThe Magic of Weeds
Weeds are simply wild plants and can hold a huge range of medicinal and nutritional properties, just waiting to be used.

The Magic of Weeds


herbscansavetheworldHerbs can Save the World!
I read somewhere that pasta sauces reach 9 out of 10 consumers. How many jars and lids does that add up to I wonder? I have no idea where to start doing the math, but I think we’re into the billions – of jars sold every year. Ouch. Herbs can Save the World


herborspice-pinHerb or Spice?
The difference between herbs and spices is simply the part of the plant used. The leaves and flowers of a plant are generally regarded as the herbs, while the seeds, roots, stigmas and even the bark are considered to be spices. Herb or Spice


herbalrescue-pinterestHerbal Rescue
Companion planting helps with maintenance in a garden. Certain plants grow well together and will get along happily without you having to do much. Herbs deter many pests because of their strong scent, and other useful components. Herbal Rescue



A world of Herbs (part 2)

Herbs hold some wonderful secrets that we can share if we venture into their world for a moment. My favourite herb of the moment is Aloe Vera. Not a culinary herb perhaps but the benefits of aloe vera are enormous. A world of Herbs


herbfactoryThe Herb Factory!

Not sure if the headgear is very becoming but, hey, this isn’t a fashion statement happening. It’s a new and exciting venture my grandson and girlfriend are starting. They’ve spent weeks researching, organizing and getting the relevant certification …   The Herb Factory