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Saffron, at the time of writing, is probably the most expensive spice known to mankind. It takes around 150,000 flowers and hundreds of hours of labour to produce a couple of pounds of saffron threads. Only a small amount is used at a time so this is a good reason to grow some yourself. Saffron



Growing Comfrey

Humans have been growing comfrey as a healing herb for more than 2000 years, as I myself have (for slightly less than 2000 years though!). Comfrey is still used in external preparations to heal wounds. And is perfect grown as a green manure or animal feed crop. Growing Comfrey


herbfactoryThe Herb Factory!

Not sure if the headgear is very becoming but, hey, this isn’t a fashion statement happening. It’s a new and exciting venture my grandson and girlfriend are starting. They’ve spent weeks researching, organizing and getting the relevant certification …   The Herb Factory


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There must be thousands of herb books, from Culpeper’s original to these fabulous up-to-date popular downloads. Enjoy 🙂 Scroll down for my most popular print book ‘Herbs and Spices’ available everywhere!

The Magic of HerbsThe Magic of Herbs! (Volume One)-FREE!

There are simply thousands of wonderful herbs growing all round the world that can help all of us enjoy amazing tastes, safe cosmetic preparations and the most natural medicines we could possibly wish for.
If you’re not sure what to grow or just want to know a little more about these magical plants, grab this free illustrated pdf now!

*Download your free copy and get a taste of the magical world of herbs. The Magic of Herbs

*This introduction to twenty every day herbs gets up-sized in ’20 Everyday Herbs’ listed below 🙂


Growing Herbs at Home


Ten everyday herbs, how to grow them and a little useful information about: Aloe vera … Basil … Chives … Coriander … Garlic … Mint … Parsley … Sage … Thyme … Watercress

The herbs in ’Growing Herbs at Home” can be grown either in pots, containers or in your outdoor herb garden.

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The Herb Garden


Learn how to grow herbs indoors or in the garden, in pots and containers, from seed and other propagating methods!

Learn about growing herbs in pots and containers, and ideas on herbal displays, different propagating methods, and pests and diseases to watch out for.

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20 Everyday Herbs

20EverydayHerbsA potted history of twenty everyday herbs, step by step growing instructions, storing ideas and even medicinal uses.

Basil … Bay … Celery … Chives … Coriander … Dill … Fennel … Garlic … Horseradish … Lavender … Lemon Balm … Lovage … Marigold … Mint … Nasturtium … Oregano … Parsley … Rosemary … Sage … Thyme.

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20 Occasional Herbs


A quick history of twenty occasional herbs, step by step growing instructions, storing ideas and even medicinal uses.

Aloe vera … Angelica … Blackberry … Borage … Burdock … Caraway … Chamomile … Chervil … Comfrey … Daisy … Dandelion … Dog Rose … Echinacea … Feverfew … Savory … Sorrel … Tarragon … violet … Watercress … Yarrow.

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And a couple of print books for good measure!

Herbs and Spices


This clear, concise directory provides all the essential information you need to produce your own herbs and spices—even in small spaces!

  • Dozens of herbs & spices to grow in your garden or on your windowsill, from aloe to saffron to watercress
  • How to plan your herb garden, including design, prep, container gardening, pest control, and more
  • Expert growing advice including soil preparation, sowing, propagation, & harvesting
  • Tips for use, drying, and storage of seeds, leaves, and flowers
  • Individual plant profiles for a variety of herbs and spices, each with specific growing advice

Self Sufficiency: Herbs and Spices is packed with the practical information you need to grow, use, and store a wide selection of flavor-enhancing foods. Some are annuals, some are perennials, and some can be grown indoors—but all of those highlighted here can be grown either in pots or directly in the soil.

Each individual plant profile includes detailed growing advice. Home and garden expert Linda Gray teaches you how to prepare the soil, when to sow and plant out, and when to harvest and gather. She also examines the culinary uses of each herb and spice, and explores other uses from medicinal remedies to insect repellents and sleep remedies.

An introductory handbook offering accessible, practical advice, tips on container growing, and hints on how to store your harvest, Self Sufficiency: Herbs and Spices is an indispensable guide for anyone seeking a healthier, greener, more self-reliant lifestyle!



“Herbs and Spices” is a lovely little book is a series titled “Self-Sufficiency” by Linda Gray that breaks down multi-use plants, herbs and spices into an easy-to-understand mini-encyclopedia with charming and detailed illustrations.
–Food & Dining Magazine

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Culpeper’s Complete Herbal: Over 400 Herbs And Their Uses



Nicholas Culpeper remains one of the most comprehensive listings of herbs and their uses in existence. In this illustrated edition, over 400 herbs are described in detail, along with their ‘government and virtues’, remedies and cautions.

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