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Herbs and spices info.

Expert growing advice including soil preparation, sowing, propagation, & harvesting.

Tips for use, drying, and storage of seeds, leaves, and flowers
Individual plant profiles for a variety of herbs and spices, each with specific growing advice

Self Sufficiency: Herbs and Spices is packed with the practical information you need to grow, use, and store a wide selection of flavor-enhancing foods. Some are annuals, some are perennials, and some can be grown indoors—but all of those highlighted here can be grown either in pots or directly in the soil.

Each individual plant profile includes detailed growing advice. Home and garden expert Linda Gray teaches you how to prepare the soil, when to sow and plant out, and when to harvest and gather. She also examines the culinary uses of each herb and spice, and explores other uses from medicinal remedies to insect repellents and sleep remedies.

An introductory handbook offering accessible, practical advice, tips on container growing, and hints on how to store your harvest, Self Sufficiency: Herbs and Spices is an indispensable guide for anyone seeking a healthier, greener, more self-reliant lifestyle!

“Herbs and Spices” is a lovely little book is a series titled “Self-Sufficiency” by Linda Gray that breaks down multi-use plants, herbs and spices into an easy-to-understand mini-encyclopedia with charming and detailed illustrations.
–Food & Dining Magazine

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