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Turning Ideas into Projects
Many of us are getting into hobbies that have been sidelined for years and although we are living in uncertain times, enjoying the moment is perhaps the one thing we can all focus on.  When an idea turns up, don’t dismiss it immediately. Turning Ideas into Projects


copingpractical-pinCoping Strategies; Practical Stuff
Looking at practical ways to deal with being at home with the family and not diving into the gin bottle. Not all of these ideas will resonate – pick the ones that do.

Coping Strategies; Practical Stuff


homelife-pinHome Life
With recent events causing more time spent at home, there are a few questions coming up as to how to cope with it all.  If you’re not sure you’ll still have all your marbles at the end of your isolation period, check out these few ideas in case… Home Life


fluffyfriends-pinEaster Plans
Let’s be good to our fluffy and feathered friends, as well as all the other wonderful creatures on the planet – I include (most) humans as well! Anyway, before I start ranting on about that, there are a few things we could do this Easter time to help save the planet. Easter Plans


DontCleanYet-pinDon’t Clean Yet
Thinking about spring cleaning?  When the sun eventually does show up it’s going to highlight the smudgy windows, the dust particles floating around and the general aftermath of winter wellies and celebrations. Don’t Clean Yet


MakingSpaceforClutter-pinMaking Space for Clutter!
Have you started filling your home with Christmas clutter yet?
During the festivities, whether it’s thanksgiving, Christmas or any other festival, we tend to clutter up with all sorts of decorations, gifts, food, alcohol and even huge trees! Making Space for Clutter


Greengifts-pinterestGreen Gifts
When you see Christmas produce in the high street in October, it makes you realize that the next couple of months are going to fly by, as they always do. Put your feet up for an hour or so and create a ‘natural’ Christmas gift list. Green Gifts


letthesunshinein-pinShowing Up in the Sunshine
Uh oh, gorgeous sunshine lighting up all the dust and clutter in the house … outside it is then :-).. but if you really really want to get the house de-cluttered and don’t have a clue where to start… Showing Up in the Sunshine


happyshopping-pinHappy Shopping!
Are you revving up for the weekly supermarket ordeal? Here are nine ideas to make shopping run a lot more smoothly… (I posted these quick tips a year ago – Supermarket Survival Tactics below – but they still apply today!) Happy Shopping


Moving HousepinterestMoving House
Oh, the joy of moving house! Moving is apparently one of the most stressful things you can do but, with a little planning and, hopefully, the knowledge that you are moving somewhere nicer it can be a lot less stressful and some of it may actually be fun! Moving House


SupermarketSurvivalTacticsSupermarket Survival Tactics
Supermarkets can drain your pocket, your energy and your time. Here are nine supermarket survival tips for successful supermarket shopping….

Supermarket Survival Tactics


Letthesunshinein-pinLet the Sunshine in!
Welcoming the sunshine into your home can highlight all sorts of murky corners and piles of stuff littered about. So it’s opening windows and cleaning time!……… Let the Sunshine in



cleaninggreen-pinCleaning Green
Does your kitchen cleaner have added lemon? Avoid the chemicals – the lemon is all you need! Save the ends of lemons and rub over ceramic surfaces and rinse with clean water.

Cleaning Green


Working from HomeWorking From Home
Working from home was always limited to taking your work home with you or putting plastic pegs in plastic holes and earning a few pennies for every 1,000 you put together.

Working from Home


Giving GreenGiving Green
This year, think about giving green and avoid the piles of plastic gifts that eventually end up as land-fill (ouch!). A thoughtful natural gift will always be gratefully received.

Giving Green



rainydayzombiebegone-pinRainy Day Zombies Begone!
What is happening with the weather? Global warming seems to be the answer to any weather questions that come up, and maybe that is the answer. But it doesn’t really help on a day to day basis, when you’re trying to have a reasonable summer and it’s pouring with rain all the time. Rainy Day Zombies Begone!


circleoffun-pinCircle of Fun
I remember playing this game with my kids, but before I go any further I’d like to apologize for the non-PC title of the game.

Circle of Fun


insideoutgames-pinInside Out Games
With school holidays looming, there will be plenty of opportunities to play, have fun and enjoy tons of quality time with the kids, especially if we have a warm dry summer this year – fingers crossed 🙂

Inside Out Games


familygames-pinFamily Games
Oh wow, crazy times we’re living in at the moment. But I guess we just have to do what we can to keep well and accept that what is, is! But if you find yourself at home with the kids with or without any outside space for them to play, it’s important not to let them spend 12 hours a day on their devices. Family Games


Beingakid-pinBeing a Kid is fun!
Before the days of computers and gaming stations, children were obliged to make their own entertainment. This wasn’t a hardship as we didn’t know any different.

Being a Kid


Screen Off Fun!Screen Off Fun
Now the children are back to school and in some parts of the world we are feeling touches of Autumn creeping towards winter, it’s not always possible to play outside and all too easy to rely on screen entertainment. Screen Off Fun


funfamilygames-pinFun Family Games
Many of us spent our childhoods outside (even when it was raining); riding bikes, climbing trees and generally having fun while working up an appetite for dinner…

Fun Family Games


Teen's DreamsTeens Dreams
As parents, we often complain of troublesome three year olds. Three year olds can be troublesome because they are developing from babyhood to childhood.

Teens Dreams


familyfirst-pinFamily First
Now the new school year is starting again, it’s easy to slip into the everyday drudge and forget to treat ourselves – until Christmas, then we over indulge like there’s no tomorrow – shocking!

Family First


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