Easy downloadable Knitting Patterns for Beginners and Experts alike.

Top models do it, children do it, grannies do it, and men used to do it before women took over. Knitting is making a comeback! I am so pleased. After furtively knitting and designing knitwear for years, now it’s time to wave the woolly flag and share some of my creations 🙂


Heirloom Throw

This beautiful family heirloom is a great project that can be picked up at any time, made to your own design and with your favourite colours. If you can cast on, cast off, knit and purl, you’re off the starting block already!

There are 25 patterns with 16 graphs included and lots of tips in this downloadable pattern. Featured listing at the Etsy KnitsULove shop




Fun Knits for Beginners

Easy to knit patterns for; arm cuffs, wrist warmers, scrunchies, rings, bags and purses, scarf, beanie and a colourful throw or blanket.
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Winter Nits

Winter Nits

This knitting pattern book contains patterns for:
A penguin, A snowman, A Santa Claus
and a colour co-ordinated sleeping bag for each of them!Toys are only a few inches high and take very little time to knit. Two of the toys require a little intarsia knitting. There are a few notes on intarsia if its something new to you. (Free variation of this pattern)

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Ekoknits is a collection of 10 popular Ekokid patterns and includes the basic doll pattern and a whole wardrobe of clothes and accessories. (Tap here for individual patterns)
The patterns are easy and quick to make, and only use small amounts of yarn. You’ll need just one pair of knitting needles for the whole book. Find out more from your favourite retailer…

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The Ekokids are teenage eco-versions of Barbie. These dolls aren’t plastic, they are easy to dress and take very little time and money to create a whole collection of dolls and clothes for all the young at heart to play with. 🙂

And there’s a free spider pattern and a mini- knits printable on this page  
Happy Knitting!


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