Get those needles clicking!

heirloomthrow-pinLate Night Knitting
Well, it’s up and running. The pattern’s in my Etsy shop as of about an hour ago. Pulled a very-late-nighter but so pleased it’s done and I can share it with everyone. I’ve been asked about this throw for ages and finally got my act together to create the patterns. Late Night Knitting


penguinsPenguin Pattern
Get those needles out folks and knit up some fabulous stocking fillers. This easy knit pattern will delight the youngsters!

Penguin Pattern


N3-MakingPurses-pinMaking Purses
These purses or mini-bags are perfect for giving small gifts, decorating the Christmas tree or simply using for coins or bits and pieces!
These three simple purse patterns are from ‘Fun Knits for Beginners’.  Making Purses


N1-Ekoknits-pinKnitting for Christmas
A couple of weeks ago, I collected all the Ekokid patterns published so far, edited like crazy and came up with a fabulous new book! But more to the point, it’s just in time to get on with knitting for Christmas. Knitting for Christmas



ChristmasKnits-pinChristmas Knits
Well, autumn (or fall) is in the air and the evenings are starting to get just that bit longer. Instead of moaning about the shorter days and chillier nights, I’ve decided to get Christmas knitting again!

Christmas Knits


christmasrushPut Your Feet Up
Avoid the Christmas Rush – Panic Now! This quote always make me kind of chuckle at the craziness some of us – millions of us in fact – go through every Christmas. And oh, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Put Your Feet Up


1870knitting-pin1870 Knitting
I’ve just been looking at a book published in 1870 by Isabella Beeton called Beetons Book of Needlework. It includes crafts such as….

1870 Knitting


penguinsofparadise-pinPenguins of Paradise
Last year (ish) I designed a simple knitting pattern for beginner knitters called Winter Nits – listed here – of a snowman, a father Christmas, a penguin and a sleeping bag. Simple quick to knit and fun to play with. Recently I took it one step further. Penguins of Paradise


Stix & Yarn-pinStix & Yarn
Top models are doing it, kids are doing it and the wrinklies have been at it for years! Don’t miss out on adding a new skill to your life CV. Get a domestic survival craft under your belt that will……

Stix and Yarn


holidayhobby-pinHoliday Hobby
Is it just too boring lying on a sun-drenched white sandy beach all day doing nothing? No? Ok cool, stop reading this, close your eyes and relax. But if you get fidgety and you’ve read all the holiday romances you can stomach for now, have a stab at knitting! Holiday Hobby


Easy FREE knitting patternChristmas in August
Last week I saw Christmas cards and decorations for sale – in August aaaaarrrgh! So I thought I’d get on my Halloween broomstick and design some friendly spooky stuff.

Christmas in August


knittingrocks-pinKnitting Rocks
At some point in history – information is a bit sketchy as to ‘when’ – women took over. And over the years, knitting has gone in and out of fashion.

Knitting Rocks


nomorescarves-pinNo More Scarves
Royals do it, top models do it, children do it, grannies do it and men used to do it before women took over.

No More Scarves


Homemadegifts-pinHomemade Gifts
Making gifts for family and friends is so rewarding and there are many crafts that can be turned into pleasing and organic homemade gifts. And you don’t have to be a crafting expert to create beautiful gifts. Homemade Gifts


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