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my25yearoldbaby-pinMy 25 Year Old Baby

Over 25 years ago, I gave birth to a new project that has been growing and improving over the years. When we lived off the land money was tight and I created a gift for my youngest daughter that became so popular it exploded quietly into an ongoing hobby business. My 25 Year Old Baby



Feeling Grateful

Since my living off the land days I’ve had many years living without a garden. Last year I moved into a lovely house in Cornwall with a smallish but beautiful garden. Feeling Grateful


monalisa-pinWho Would You Be?
Someone once asked me who I would like to be if I could be someone famous. While I wouldn’t say no to being rich, I’ve never really aspired to being famous. It just seems to be too much trouble – having the media constantly watching you and not able to pop down to the shop without a bodyguard has an air of the ridiculous about it – Who Would You Be?


StrangeConnections-pinStrange Connections
I could theorize until the cows come home (?!) but sometimes there is just no logical explanation why we connect certain things with other certain things. When you hear a particular song, you may be transported back in time to an old flame or … Strange Connections


FeelingBlessed-pinFeeling Blessed
I am so blessed. As I’ve got older, birthdays have tended to be a bit quieter but this last weekend blew that right out of the window! It began on Friday when my youngest daughter and boyfriend surprised me when they flew over from the south of France and landed in my kitchen 🙂 Feeling Blessed


politicaloverload-pinPolitical Overload
What with Brexit and various political leaders (?) coming and going, us Brits have had a huge dose of political stuff over the past couple of years or so. Some of it has a ring of truth, some of it is obvious propaganda and even more is pure mud-slinging. All this gets a bit tedious. Political Overload


newwritingplatform-pinNew Writing Platform
Been busy building a new website. It started with an interest in a very well-known company and suddenly I found myself building a whole site! It’s still a freebie but time enough to upgrade. New Writing Platform


WritingofCourse-pinWriting of Course!
I’ve been writing professionally for years; Published and self published several books. Now I’m looking to help others write their books and get them published. I can’t guarantee an agent or publishing contract – Getting my own ideas looked at often involves a marathon of research and email rejections. 🙂 Writing of Course


yayitsmonday-pinYay it’s Monday
Sometimes life just stands on it’s head! Had no internet over the weekend and crappy phone signal so most of the weekend plans went out of the window.

Yay it’s Monday


rainforestexperience-pinRain Forest UK
With the over-powering heat this year, the tropical paradise might not be the place you want to spend time in just now, but don’t let that put you off. The Eden Project has all sorts of wonderful stuff going on…. Rain Forest UK


armchairdays-pinArmchair Days
Okay, so I’ve abandoned my office space for a few days – mostly because there’s a pile of bills in there that I’m avoiding – and decamped to an armchair.

Armchair Days


teasnob-pinTea Snob
How I turned into a tea snob: Afternoon tea has been a traditional English affair for centuries but over the years has been dropped in favour of a quick snack at lunchtime and a larger evening meal.

Tea Snob


Lazy Cook got Tasty! pinterestLazy Cook Got Tasty
I am a lazy cook. My excuse is that after cooking for a family of six for years, I’m slightly allergic to kitchens… but really? Actually I used to love to bake, which is probably why I’ve been binge watching the Great British Bake Off on Netflix… ho hum…. Lazy Cook got Tasty



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