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A few Pennywise Printables you can instantly download. Scroll down for some random freebies!

Victorian Flower Meanings

Flowers have had meanings and symbols attributed to them since ancient times and are fascinating.

Meanings ranging from negative to positive and everything in between. This printable has 12 beautiful flower photographs with their own positive meanings.

Hang them around the house and absorb the beauty every time you pass by.

Available from Gran’s Choice at Etsy


My Garden Journal

Every month has some gardening job suggestions for temperate climate dwellers. Adjust to your region and weather conditions as you need to. Gardening has to be a flexible hobby simply because we can’t control the weather!

There are also a few handy gardening tips and resources you may find helpful. Download your journal now from



Mini Knits

This knitting pattern printable contains patterns for:
A penguin, A snowman, A Santa Claus
and a colour co-ordinated sleeping bag for each of them!

Toys are only a few inches high and take very little time to knit. (This is a printable version of ‘Winter Knits’)

Available from Etsy


Uplifting Quotes

We can all benefit from a few uplifting quotes now and then, especially now. I’ve been taking lots of photos of my garden which I am so grateful for. But then when I started looking on Pixabay for some good images, I realised there are a whole bunch of photographers out there who are soooo much more professional than me. So, I’ve been putting some images with some relatable quotes and popped twelve of them in my latest printable at Etsy

Easy FREE knitting pattern

Knit a Happy Spider

Free instant download.

Happy Spiders


Promise Yourself

These uplifting words from a poem by Christian D. Larson deserve a place in our hearts .. Download this free printable pdf which includes the whole poem and 12 separate promises you can print now and spread the word 🙂

Promise Yourself

website-egg recipes

Easy Egg Recipes

This book has over 30 egg recipe ideas, including breakfasts, main meals and desserts. Starting with boiled eggs and drifting into other fascinating egg delights, including a traditional Victoria Sponge Cake recipe!

Easy Egg Recipes

potato recipes -smaller

Easy Potato Recipes

There are 31 potato recipe ideas in this handy little ebook, and the variations are endless!
There’s one recipe to a page – apart from a few that stretch over two pages – so you can print them out individually and get food on the printed pages rather than your laptop or phone!

Easy Potato Recipes

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