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carrotrecipe-pinCarrot Recipe
Carrots are thought to have been cultivated 5000 years ago in many different colours including red, yellow and purple varieties.

Try this delicious Carrot, Orange and Almond Soup Carrot Recipe


BestTomatoSoupRecipe-pinBest Tomato Soup
I’ve always been fussy about tinned soups and couldn’t understand why anyone would like tinned tomato soup when in my world, it didn’t taste much like tomatoes at all!

This recipe came to my rescue! Really worth a try. Best Tomato Soup


AsparagusandCelerySoups-pinAsparagus and Celery Soups
Two more delicious and nutritious vegetable soup recipes for you to try and enjoy. If you have a vegetable patch, celery and asparagus are must-grow crops!

Asparagus and Celery Soups


GreenandRoastedSoups-pinGreen and Roasted Soups
We all know that leafy green vegetables are good for you so how about souping it up a bit!

Green and Roasted Soups


100YearsofSoup-pin100 Years of Soup
The following kitchen garden vegetable soup recipes were taken from ‘Cassells vegetarian cookery’…from a century ago.

I’ve edited a bit, but left the style alone! 100 Years of Soup


RootsandSoups-pinRoots and Soups
More delicious soups to try!

I know potatoes aren’t strictly speaking a root vegetable, but they grow underground so I’m pretending they are a root today! Roots and Soups


VegetableSoupRecipe-pinVegetable Soup Recipes
Vegetable soup recipes can be as easy as stirring a pot. Soups can be made from virtually anything edible, but sticking to organic vegetables means you’re guaranteed a full dose of healthy vitamins and minerals. Vegetable Soup Recipes


N4-RedPepperSoup-pinRed Pepper Soup
This hearty bright red soup will warm everyone up on a cold winter’s evening.

Found in the 30 Minute Cookbook. Red Pepper Soup


tomatosoup-pinFresh Tomato Soup with Cheese Croutes
Tomato Season! Although it feels a bit like Autumn in Cornwall at the moment, there are tomatoes to be eaten 🙂 A bowl of fresh tomato soup will lift your spirits and nourish your body.

Fresh Tomato Soup with Cheese Croutes




Avocado Soupwith AlmondsAvocado and Wine Soups
Another couple of fruit based soups for you to try. The first recipe includes chicken stock but I think vegetable stock would work. I’m a little squeamish about meat based stock with fruit recipes but if you’re okay with it, try the original! Avocado and Wine Soups


Melon Soup with GrapesMelon and Savoury Banana Soups
The first recipe includes wine and nuts so maybe not suitable for children or those with nut allergies. The pine kernels are used as a garnish so could be left out

Melon & Savoury Banana Soups


Cold Kiwi Soupwith White WineKiwi and Blackcurrant Soups
So good to make the most of summer fruits! The first one includes white wine so maybe not for a family tea!

Kiwi and Blackcurrant Soups


Rhubarb Soupwith BerriesRhubarb soup with Berries
This fruit soup includes a recipe for dumplings, similar to the snow dumplings. Scroll down for a delicious gooseberry soup (recipe suggests cooling the gooseberry soup for four hours so make it early!)

Rhubarb Soup with Berries


Strawberry SoupStrawberry and Cherry Soups
Both these recipes are served cold so, as I mentioned in the Apricot recipe, they may work well as a pouring sauce for desserts.

Strawberry and Cherry Soups


Apple & Borage SoupApple and Chocolate Soups
Another couple of fun recipes from Cooking for Today. The first one seems to have rather a lot of sugar, but uses tart apples.

Apple & Chocolate Soups


apricotsoup-pinApricot Soup
Here’s another yummy fruit soup recipe. Because it’s supposed to be served cold, I think it may be a good pouring sauce over ice cream or other dessert. (Snow dumplings recipe included)

Apricot Soup


bananasouprecipe-pinBanana Soup
I’ve been sorting through my old cookery books and found some fruit recipes from a book called ‘Cooking for Today’ published about 30 years ago.

Banana Soup


Bon Appetit!

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