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Here you can find instant downloads and a few print books to help you with tons of home, family and health issues and they’re all about Healthy Living in the most fun and entertaining ways…..

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Dreaming Big … or away with the fairies?

Over many centuries – well decades, I’ve been accused at various times in my life of being away with the fairies. I was punished for daydreaming at school which set a pattern or paradigm in my own mind that dreaming big wasn’t the way to success. Dreaming Big


Greengifts-pinterestGreen Gifts
When you see Christmas produce in the high street in October, it makes you realize that the next couple of months are going to fly by, as they always do.

Put your feet up for an hour or so and create a ‘natural’ Christmas gift list. Green Gifts



Yay it’s Monday

Sometimes life just stands on it’s head! Had no internet over the weekend and crappy phone signal so most of the weekend plans went out of the window. Yay, it’s Monday


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Summersdale Publishers in the UK have just released my latest book and it looks and feels gorgeous!!

restrestorereplenishRest, Replenish Restore


Do you need a tonic to counter the stresses and strains of everyday life? Dip into Rest Replenish Restore and feel revitalised with this nourishing collection of mindful activities and self care tips to help you heal and grow.

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*Check out the Indoor Family Games book below so you can entertain the kids on rainy days without maxing out the credit card!*

Growing EverydayVegetables

Growing Everyday Vegetables takes you step-by-step through the process of growing, harvesting and storing ten everyday vegetables:

Beans, Broccoli, Carrots, Garlic, Lettuce, Onions, Peppers, Potatoes, Tomatoes and Zucchini.

And, as an added bonus, there are recipe ideas  so you can serve delicious food that the whole family will enjoy,.

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Meaningful Quotes

Meaningful Quotes

Over 500 awesome speaks from the famous and not so famous. There are witty quotes to make you smile, wise quotes – including a few from Albert Einstein 🙂 – positive and inspiring quotes, phrases and sayings that will bring a truly meaningful experience to your world.

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Healthy Body Hacks.jpg

Healthy Body Hacks

Healthy Body Hacks is packed with ten minute good ideas!From growing a pot of herbs to choosing your perfect meditation practice, this handy digital edition finds solutions that save you time and money and lead you towards the natural healthy body you deserve.

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 Garden Vitamins

Apart from Vitamins D and B12, nine basic vitamins that we need on a daily basis can be plucked from your own back yard. This is a beginner’s guide to growing your own healthy food more than twenty to choose from – pick your vitamin and off you go!

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Indoor Family Games

This is the fun stuff that children got up to before the days of computers.

31 games to play without plugs, batteries or chargers. Pure and natural resources – imagination, creativity and a little energy – help develop life skills while having fun.

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It has been shown that a tidy environment can help you focus, apply yourself to otherwise seemingly impossible tasks, and generally enjoy your space and feel good!

Don’t let the clutter overwhelm you. This step-by-step guide to de-cluttering your home is simple to follow and will help you create the home you know you deserve. 🙂

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 The ABC of Digital Publishing

This handy book will take you step by step through publishing your book in 12 big online book stores, including iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

There’s a  guide to formatting a word document for all platforms with helpful tips to avoid formatting issues. It can cost upwards of $49 to format your book for Kindle. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to format like a pro!

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Grow It, Cook It

Many crops can be grown in containers, on a balcony, indoors and out in the garden! Your own back garden will not only produce the best food on the planet for you and your loved ones, it is also economical, environmentally friendly and more fun than shopping.

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Growing Winter Food

Grow your own keeper crops for the chilly days of winter―and you’ll be sure of putting the freshest, tastiest produce, packed with goodness, on your kitchen table! Growing Winter Food is the essential gardening guide for those who want to enjoy their garden’s output all year round. This easy-to-follow book shows you how to grow your own fruit and vegetables for winter use and includes detailed cultivation advice on each crop, along with nutritional value, recipe ideas, and storage suggestions. Inside Growing Winter Food · How to choose crops that you can grow and preserve so you’ll have fresh vegetables over the winter. · Practical information and growing advice for all the most commonly grown winter foods: roots, legumes, green vegetables, herbs and fruits. · Easy-to-follow instructions for sowing, maintenance, harvesting, and general gardening techniques. · All the basic techniques you need to know, from preparing soil to using cloches and containers to dealing with pests and diseases. · Handy plant profiles cover how to grow, plant, care for, save seeds, harvest, and preserve. · Perfect for those with limited gardening experience, with gardens big or small.


Growing Winter Food is a simple yet thoroughly researched and easy-to-follow guide to becoming a successful home farmer even during the winter months. Its chock full of tips and techniques that are uncomplicated and don’t require a degree in horticulture. It alerts readers when, where, and what to plant for optimal yield. As a chef, I was particularly interested in the multitude of delicious recipes; Beet Chocolate Cake–yum! I can’t wait to head to the garden and then into the kitchen with tips and ideas I have gleaned from this beautiful book. Teach a man to garden and feed him for a lifetime! –Chef Johnny Vee, Founder, Las Cosas Cooking School

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And how about a little elegant luxury from time to time……

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Make your afternoon tea party a royal occasion:

*How to make a perfect cup of tea.
*a traditional Victoria sponge cake recipe
*everyday scones with an ‘afternoon tea’ makeover.
*sandwiches to savour.
*fruit teas and herb teas that change the tone from time to time.

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Granny’s Book Of Good Old Fashioned Common Sense

(out of print but still available)

This book is packed full of great ideas and tips and brings traditional home-making up to date with cooking, gardening, needlecrafts and even games to play with the kids.

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Grow Your Own Pharmacy

(out of print but still available.)

In Grow Your Own Pharmacy, you’ll find clear instructions on planning, planting, growing and harvesting the fruits, vegetables and herbs required for a healthy vitamin intake. And a few delicious recipes and menus to help incorporate the fruit and vegetables into your daily diet.

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Here’s to the Good Life!

Linda x

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