The Magic of Herbs

The Magic of Herbs

There are simply thousands of wonderful herbs growing all round the world that can help all of us enjoy amazing tastes, natural cosmetic preparations and last but not least the most natural medicines we could possibly wish for.

When you start researching herbs you can get lost for days in books, blogs and herbal websites – well, I can!

There are some downloads over on the Herbs and Healing page that will help you create your own culinary, cosmetic and medicinal garden in your own back yard or even on your kitchen windowsill! However, if you’re not sure what to grow or just want to know a little more about these magical plants, grab this free pdf now!

Click here and I’ll send you your copy of The Magic of Herbs tout de suite!

The Magic of Herbs contains 20 everyday herbs: Basil … Bay … Celery … Chives … Coriander … Dill … Fennel … Garlic … Horseradish … Lavender … Lemon Balm … Lovage … Marigold … Mint … Nasturtium … Oregano … Parsley … Rosemary … Sage … Thyme.

They are all listed with images to help you identify them, a potted history and some medicinal applications for each plant.


Linda x