Well-Being posts in all sorts of areas of our lives. Scroll down for feel-good posts.


gobarefoot-pinGo Barefoot
Apart from badly fitting shoes giving you outward physical problems such as corns and bunions, even well fitting shoes aren’t particularly good for your health

Go Barefoot


chocolateisgoodforyouChocolate is Good for you!
When you think of how many steps the cocoa bean has to go through before it reaches our eager taste-buds, it’s incredible it ever gets here!

Chocolate is Good for you


Celery-pinterestCelery Juicing
Celery Juicing is big news! My daughter is a fan and turned me onto it the other day. Although it’s probably best to drink it first thing in the morning to get the full benefits, I tried it later in the day

Celery Juicing


GoWild-pinGo Wild
Wild Flower Bath Tonic Recipe
If you are growing wildflowers, collect some or all of these regular garden wild flowers, in any combination, for a super tonic to relax in the bath with. NB: Don’t do this if you have plant allergies. Go Wild


N5-sleepwell-pinSleep Well
OOOhh, light my sparklers – it’s bonfire night in the UK. Of course firework displays seemed to have dwindled over the past few years; environment considered more now than ever before.

Sleep Well


HealthyWeightLoss-pinHealthy Weight Loss
A high percentage of medical conditions are a direct result of our diet; we are what we eat, as the saying goes.

Healthy Weight Loss


Apart from all the wonderful fruit, veg and herbs and flowers you can grow in the garden to keep everyone healthy and away from the processed food, gardening is one of the best hobbies you can take up for grounding reasons. Grounding


Put the Fizz Backin the PhysicalPut the Fizz Back in the Physical
Is the fizz still alive in your relationship or is real life getting in the way far too often? Here are five ways to put the fizz back….

Put the Fizz back in the Physical


Losing WeightHow Can I Lose Weight?
Have you ever wondered why some folk never put on weight and others spend their whole life trying to lose it? There are a few mythical answers to this very popular question:

How can I Lose Weight?


The SecretAddictionThe Secret Addiction
The drug that’s causing world wide health problems, even fatalities in some cases, is and always has been legal. And no, in this case I’m not talking about alcohol or nicotine.

The Secret Addiction


HealingHealing in a Nutshell
There is one product, however, that pops up in nearly every area of health and beauty. And, if you’re not allergic, should be part of everyone’s health and beauty routine.

Healing in a Nutshell



dreamsandgoals-pinGoals and Dreams
Wow, another decade! I have loads of plans for the coming year –  I tend to have vague goals and intentions about my own well-being but this year I’m going for it….

Goals and Dreams


DreamingBig-pinDreaming Big … or away with the fairies?
Over many centuries – well decades, I’ve been accused at various times in my life of being away with the fairies. I was punished for daydreaming at school which set a pattern or paradigm in my own mind that dreaming big wasn’t the way to success. Dreaming Big!


Choosing your PathChoosing your path
A while ago I watched a Wayne Dyer talk and as usual was blown away by his words. He told a story of author Porsche Nelson who had gone to, if I remember correctly, a writers workshop where the students were given five index cards and asked to write their life story. This is what she wrote: Choosing your Path


Take a Break5 Steps to a Healthier Mind Body and Soul
Even if you write ‘meditate’ at the top of your to-do list, how often does it get blipped over in favour of more ‘important’ stuff.

5 Steps to a Healthier Mind Body and Soul


healthybabysteps-pinterestHealthy Baby Steps
The secret to good health, including your perfect weight is to get the right balance of food, liquids and movement.

Healthy Baby Steps


Love You!Feel-Good Triggers
Can you look into a mirror, into your own eyes and declare your love for yourself? This is powerful stuff. If it comes easy, cool. But if it doesn’t, practice makes perfect.

Feel Good Triggers


stimulateyoursensesStimulate Your Senses
Gazing through the window on a grey, dreary autumn day doesn’t generate a lot of inspiration for a ‘get out there and enjoy the summer sunshine’ type of article.

Stimulate your Senses


FindYourPassion-pinterestFind your Passion
Did you ever wonder how some people manage to find time for ‘hobbies’ and ‘pastimes’ when you are only just fitting in everything you HAVE to do in the space of each 24 hours? The answer is passion.

Find your Passion


HappyDaysHappy Days
I watched the incredible Seth Godin interviewed by the equally incredible Marie Forleo and Seth said something that turned my mind upside down! He said that instead of doing the work you love, you should love the work you do. Happy Days


rainorshine-pinRain or Shine
Yesterday, it rained. After a few glorious weeks – or maybe days 🙂 – of sunshine, the heavens opened, the universe threw some wind into the mix and suddenly it felt like Autumn. The perfect moment to get on our whinge-mobiles and moan about the weather.  Rain or Shine


MeditationmadeEasyMeditation Made Easy
I just realised I’ve written tons of posts relating to healthy living such as growing food, healthy foods and recipes and even getting off the grid from time to time. But one thing that I’ve never really touched upon, which is one of the most important things we can do to live a healthy lifestyle, is meditation. Meditation Made Easy


takeabreak-pinTake a Break
If you’re working from home, there can be days when pjs are the only option. It’s not always easy to motivate yourself especially if you’re self-employed and can’t guarantee that what you’re doing will produce any feedback, financial or otherwise. Take a Break


I am WorthyI am Worthy!
We’re just over half-way through this year and time to create new beginnings, positive changes and really make a difference in our world in the next 12 months. Even when you think you’re world is tiny, good feelings ripple out indefinitely, reaching more people than you can imagine. I am Worthy


ditchthebraveface-pinDitch the Brave Face
Do you show your brave face to the outside world but are brutally honest with yourself? I’m voting to flip that on its head – we don’t have to moan and whinge to all and sundry on social media but a little honesty can be truly liberating and…. Ditch the Brave Face


newdayresolutions-pinNew Day Resolutions
Seeing as most of us break our new year resolutions by the fifth of January every year, why not start at any point and see how long we can keep it up!

New Day Resolutions


timetothink-pinTime to Think
Being thrown out of your routine can be challenging, but there’s no reason why you can’t create your own. At this particular time in history, you can spread your wings and your workload and enjoy the moments rather than stressing about getting it all done before Monday morning rolls around again. Time to Think


Thanks to mobile phones and social media channels, we can all keep connected pretty much all the time if we choose to. Of course, we know there are downsides, but treating your own well-being as priority, should help you drag yourself away from the latest horror stories after a period of time. Connecting


Washingup-pinWashing Up
When there are more people in the house all day, inevitably more washing up accumulates. Rather than running the dishwasher more times, try doing the washing up the old-fashioned way – you know – sink, water etc; 🙂 Washing Up


thenewnormal-pinThe New Normal?
So what is the new normal? Nobody knows for sure – we can speculate and opinionate but a pandemic on the scale we are currently experiencing is incomparable. Yes, a hundred years ago we had one, but life was different then – not saying better or worse – but certainly different..… The New Normal


iamnotanoun-pinI am not a noun, I am a free verb
A while ago, I saw a short video clip of Stephen Fry (one of my absolute favourite people) talking about being verbs and not nouns…

I am not a Noun I am a Free Verb


upliftingquotes-pinUplifting Quotes
We can all benefit from a few uplifting quotes now and then, especially now. I’ve been taking lots of photos of my garden which I am so grateful for. But then when I started looking on Pixabay for some good images, I realised there are a whole bunch of photographers out there who are soooo much more professional than me. Uplifting Quotes