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Quick, healthy – and a few not-so-healthy but sheer indulgent – recipes to enjoy. These are our most recent posts: ( And there are some fabulous tips to be found throughout the website but if you’d like the fast path, check out our quick lists here: Gardening ,   The Good Life ,   Recipes ,   Knitting ,   Herbs 


Red Pepper Soup

This hearty bright red soup will warm everyone up on a cold winter’s evening. Found in the 30 Minute Cookbook.

Red Pepper Soup




Treacle Tart

I know, shouldn’t be doing the sugar thing but if you’re having a weekend firework night, this recipe is best made the day before, so collect your ingredients ready for a Friday bake. And it’s probably wise to serve the sugary stuff early in the evening or nobody will get any sleep! Treacle Tart



Fresh Tomato Soup with Cheese Croutes

Tomato Season! Although it feels a bit like Autumn in Cornwall at the moment, there are tomatoes to be eaten 🙂 A bowl of fresh tomato soup will lift your spirits and nourish your body. Fresh Tomato Soup with Cheese Croutes



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The Magic of Herbs

This Fun, Free and Fabulous herb book is waiting for you right now!

The Magic of Herbs has a potted history of 20 every day herbs with images and medicinal ideas for each one. Find out more over on this page and download your copy today…  The Magic of Herbs

If you have the urge to dabble in seeds and soil and stuff, these Growing Guides are a great place to start. Mini downloadable books taking you from seed to plate!

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For full-on healthy family entertainment, discover healthy living titles on The Good Life page. Get off the grid for an hour or two with our popular ‘Indoor Family Games’ book.

Avoid flavour packets and processed chemicals by adding a little magic to your meals. Herbs & Spices can turn you into a gourmet chef in no time!

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