Circle of Fun


I remember playing this game with my kids, but before I go any further I’d like to apologize for the non-PC title of the game. Back then we didn’t really think of racism or political-correctness and certainly no thoughts or feelings of racism came into the mix.

Anyway, titles aside – this game is more like crazy whispers and can be played all around the house. Whisper something to one of your children and they will love to run off and find someone else to whisper it to. Can get a bit confusing but that’s really the nature of the game.

Crazy + confused = fun and laughter.

I copied this straight from ‘Indoor Family Games’.

Chinese whispers

Why this game is called ‘Chinese’ whispers I have no idea. I guess that those of us who played in the West many years ago considered Chinese to be a language that made no sense at all to us. This game can certainly end up making no sense!

Position as many players as possible in a circle, or around a playing area. All players should be sitting. One person is chosen to start the game by thinking of a sentence of at least four or five words. This sentence is whispered to the next player.

The sentence must not be heard by anyone else and should only be repeated once.

If the player doesn’t hear correctly, they will have to decide what they ‘thought’ they heard and then whisper that sentence to the next player.

When all players have heard the whisper, the last player in the circle says out loud what he or she thinks they heard. Then the player who started the whisper has to say what they originally whispered. The starting phrase can be very different from the finishing one!

The more players there are will produce more variations on the original sentence.


This game can be played outside and players don’t have to sit in a circle. As long as everyone gets a turn in the right order, players can be scattered all over the house and garden.


Linda x

P.S. Indoor Family Games is available from various bookstores and is a handy digital download.


Pop over to the At Home page and choose your favourite online store.

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