New Day Resolutions


Seeing as most of us break our new year resolutions by the fifth of January every year, why not start at any point and see how long we can keep it up!

One of the biggest problems we have with ‘resolutions’ is that they are often based on what the rest of the world thinks you ‘should’ do:

– should be a size zero — (aaargh!)
– should be further up the ‘career’ ladder
– should be working out every day

And resolutions can often involve giving up something:

– cutting back on your favourite red wine?
– stopping all chocolate frenzies!
– not watching your favourite soap, cos you gotta go do a run?

It’s time to get on track – not ‘back’ on track, because, after all, the point is that you want to make some changes.And not on ‘any old’ track, because it must come from ‘your’ heart – not someone else’s view of what should or shouldn’t be happening in your life.

In the words of the wonderful Mike Dooley, “Thoughts Become Things!” The Universe, God or whatever else you choose to name the ‘ultimate’ power, makes no judgements or individual choices… YOU choose your life through your thoughts…. so how can the next twelve months be the best year ever?

1. Create a new list of goals and dreams
2. Take steps towards those goals every day.

and most importantly..

1. Think the thoughts that serve you
2. Be grateful for all you have and will have
3. Be happy! – success doesn’t bring happiness – happiness brings success.

Write down your new list of goals and dreams and keep the list where you’ll see it often, or make a point of reading through it every night and morning, feeling the good feelings you’ll have when you achieve each goal and be grateful for them as if you already have them.

if you find it hard to be grateful for something you haven’t actually received yet, start by feeling gratitude for the lap top, phones, job, imagination and opportunities that are in your reach. If you’re reading this on the internet, hi! Isn’t this great? 🙂

There are an infinite number of tools you can use to unlock your ‘good’ thoughts – AND you don’t have to spend money!

Vision board: these are becoming more and more popular. If you have a cork notice board where you see it every day, take down all the notes and copy them on to a list – then choose your dream! Put up pictures of your dream home, car, body, holiday resort… anything you desire. Then add inspiring words like ‘Thank you’ (gratitude before receiving) or ‘my dream lifestyle’ – anything that makes you feel good.

Books and websites galore! As well as ‘The Secret’ website, book and film, there are plenty of self-help and motivational folk out there sharing some wonderful insights to our world, spiritually and physically.

Yoga: If you think you can’t possibly re-arrange your body into the complex structures that we see in the best yoga exercises, and you’re not alone, start from the beginning! Learn to breathe, sit still for a few minutes, be master of your thoughts.

These are just a few ideas. There are many more. The best way to create your dream lifestyle is to start living it right now. For example:

Losing weight: don’t commit yourself to an impossible diet, just adjust it every day. And get into the mindset of being healthy. Health comes first before being a size zero after all. When you begin to think healthy thoughts, your body will start to crave proper food, rather than processed ‘non-foods’.

A better job: If you are absolutely fed up with your present job and want to move on, the best way is to be happy in your job, grateful you have one, and prepared to do your very best every day. This mindset will put a spark into your ‘moving to a better job’ goal.

Working out: Wow, this must be the number one resolution we all make and break in the first week of a ‘resolution’. Logically, if you’ve over-indulged for a week or year, then thrown yourself into burning up those calories, inevitably there is going to be a slump! Your body just doesn’t know what’s hit it and needs a rest. Then your thoughts have a party at your expense and suddenly workouts become a chore, open to every available excuse under the sun.

Take it slowly. Baby steps will get you to where you want to go. If you only do 10 minutes of yoga every day for a week, that’s okay. Over the week, that adds up to an hour of me-time, more learning about yourself, and also a deeper awareness of your body and its needs.

And one last note: keep the balance right. Baby steps and increasing pleasure and happiness every day, is far better than throwing yourself at something full blast then being disappointed and not starting again for another year.

Make this your year!
Linda x

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