Feel-Good Triggers

Love You!

Can you look into a mirror, into your own eyes and declare your love for yourself? This is powerful stuff. If it comes easy, cool. But if it doesn’t, practice makes perfect.

Repeat ‘I’m worthy’ and ‘I love you’ or ‘I totally love and accept you’ anything that resonates with you – but it has to be about loving yourself – and you need to look into your eyes and feel the love.

There are those who believe we can’t love anyone unconditionally until we love ourselves. This is kind of true when you think about it – it stings but that’s nature for you!

Keep loving yourself until you know you can look in that mirror and love unconditionally the wonderful person looking back at you.

Now that you know you’re wonderful 🙂 there will be a part of your mind that tries to force you back into your comfort zone – which in reality is not a comfort zone but a place that’s so familiar it feels like it’s okay to be there….

But is it?

We can all become masters of our thoughts, although few of us in a busy world believe we have time for self-improvement. But we can find moments to help us along the way. As soon as the doubts, anxiety and fearful thoughts turn up – and they will – don’t ignore them. Acknowledge them as part of the ‘old’ you and use a trigger to push you back into the ‘new’ you.

Feel Good Triggers could be:

**Post-It Notes – in strategic places with uplifting quotes or even simply ‘I am worthy’ in big bold letters. There are tons of inspirational quotes you can find with a simple google search. There’s a ‘Meaningful Quotes’ book listed here if you just can’t be bothered with the search.

**A favourite song that gets you up and dancing – not one that makes you melancholic. Move the file of your favourite song of the moment and have it available on your device to play at one click.

**Vision Board – if you have a vision board, enjoy it. If you don’t have one, create it now. They’re great fun and you can change and update them whenever you want.

**A chat with a friend or family member who always makes you feel good about yourself. This isn’t the moment for needy friends, call them later when you’re back on track.

**A quick dip into a feel good novel or a self-improvement book. There are some great books out there waiting to be enjoyed.

**Physical activity – always good for you – dancing, exercise, pottering in the garden, even housework can energize you and make you feel good – not one of my personal favourites, but I know it does work.

**Play! – one of the best quotes from George Bernard Shaw is ‘We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing’ – having fun, playing catch or a board game can really lighten the spirit.  So if you’ve got a couple of kids around, leave the washing up, turn off the TV and play a good old fashioned board game or go out to play in the sunshine!

The bottom line is that if you’re aware of your thought patterns you can consciously switch on your triggers. They won’t come bounding into view just because you feel a bit low… remember, you are worthy of joy and happiness and those pesky negative thoughts that keep on rolling in uninvited don’t have to control your feelings.

Take Aways

**Create a vision board if you don’t have one – or refresh the old one
**Choose some uplifting quotes you love and post where you can see them
**Do a little research, treat yourself to an uplifting book or even a course.
**Have fun and enjoy the moment.

And love yourself always.

Linda x

P.S. Healthy Body Hacks (listed on Books at Home page) expands on some of these triggers and focuses on healthy changes that can be made in minutes.

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