Getting Creative

It may be only a few weeks before Christmas, but in one month there are 30 evenings. During those 30 evenings, it’s hoped you could have at least a couple of hours per day for yourself. Being run off your feet all day can result in 2 or more hours vegging in front of the TV and chain-eating chocolate peanuts.. Ouch!

But let’s switch it up a little.

*Working harder or longer hours to save enough money for Christmas results in stress and tiredness and possibly buying chocolate peanuts in bulk.

*Not having that option but stressing over gifts and other Christmas paraphernalia could have the same result.

Stop for a moment and consider your creative talents – yes they will be there. It could be writing, drawing, sewing, carpentry, gardening, knitting, basket weaving or cooking. There are many more forms of creativity.

In one of those many forms, you will have a talent or a passion. It may be hidden and/or suppressed but it’s definitely there somewhere!

Consider creating gifts and even decorations for this year’s celebrations. A home-made personal gift is always well received and very satisfying for your soul. (“Hm could make a business out of this!”)

You may not be able to make gifts for everyone but there are always small businesses and online handmade shops to choose from. Etsy is the big one but there are other platforms. You could help support a small business in your local area perhaps.

Whichever path you choose though, home made or hand made gifts are more personal and help to keep the money in your community rather than in the big corporation’s pockets!

For Someone you Love
Because you love them, you’ll probably have a good idea of their likes, dislikes and dreams. Connect to those likes and dreams and consider what they would like for themselves. Side note: “Don’t buy mum a hoover for Christmas”

A simple home-made card with a few thoughtful words is sometimes all it takes to show your love.

These ideas could possibly be made from home, depending on your space, time and passion.

For the Garden Enthusiast

Garden Decor : painted flower pots, driftwood-style signs, decorated smooth edging stones or maybe even a scarecrow!

Clothes: knitted or crocheted warm hat or scarf, a pair of welly socks or even a jumper.

Other: Garden journal (buy a downloadable, print it out and create a nice folder- more on this page)

For the Homemaker

Soft Furnishings: sew some cushions, knit or crochet a throw or blanket, re-upholster an old flea market find armchair.

Other: baskets for all kinds of uses; vegetable storage, fruit bowls, eggs, bathroom accessories

For the Beauty Queen

Face: crochet 100% cotton make up removers. I have some of these for sale myself on Home of the Mall (link above)

Hair: knit, crochet or sew scrunchies and bandanas

Other: charity-shop-find dishes personalized, baskets and brush holders, crocheted bowls (check out youtube!)

For the Kids

Board games: possibly a bit more complicated, depending on the age group, but if you’re gaming-minded, it should be fun to do.

Jigsaws: this will require a certain amount of skill with a jig-saw and the space to create without worrying about the sawdust.

Toys: knitting, crocheting and sewing for soft toys and if you’re a master carver, create some wooden toys that will last forever. ‘Ekoknits’ has over 50 patterns if you feel like getting those knitting needles out! Listed on the Stix & Yarn page.

And for everyone

Decorations: knitting, sewing, painting and even wood carving can come into play with decorations. Have a look on youtube and you’ll get the idea. Collect pine cones and make a centerpiece for the table.

Gift bags: can you fold paper accurately? make some gift bags and small boxes to present your gift. Or, again knit sew and crochet them!

Confectionery: if you like to cook, bake some mince pies (you can freeze them if made in advance), make some candy such as peppermint creams, chocolate truffles, coconut ice etc

There are thousands more ideas to grab from the Universe. Have a look at some hand-made products online and consider if you could make it yourself.

Happy Crafting!

Linda x

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